Friday, November 8, 2019

Happy 105th birthday, Norman Lloyd!

Norman Lloyd in 2007.
The St. Elsewhere Experience extends birthday greetings to legendary actor, producer, and director Norman Lloyd, who turns 105 on November 8, 2019. Lloyd played Dr. Daniel Auschlander on St. Elsewhere for six seasons.

Here are some fun Norman Lloyd-related links to enjoy:

Here's a 2016 article from Vanity Fair written by Trainwreck director, Judd Apatow. Trainwreck featured Lloyd's last film appearance, at age 101.

Here's Norman Lloyd's appearance on Maltin on Movies, with film critic Leonard Maltin and his daughter Jessie. This was recorded in September of 2018, when he was "only" 103.

Here's a profile from March 2019, on the Vintage News website.

Here's Norman's full three-hour interview with the Television Academy Foundation, from September 2000.

Here's a article, published this morning, celebrating Norman Lloyd's 105th birthday.

Norman Lloyd in 1937.

Update, November 30:
Here are two videos from KTLA 5 News, commemorating the event, from November 11 and 12.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cast Page: New Images

Just a quick site update, in case anyone is paying attention... The Cast page, linked from the main menu, has finally been completed. Added images for all the supporting characters, and updated the main cast photos with original publicity stills from Getty Images.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Family History"

Description: Armstrong investigates a man's medical and family history to diagnose his chronic nosebleeds. Chandler's amnesiac patient doesn't recognize his visiting parents. Craig struggles to accept his old roommate's impending sex change. White tries to reconcile with his wife.

"Family History" is the 13th episode of season 1 of St. Elsewhere.
Originally aired February 8, 1983.
Teleplay by Andrew Laskos
Story by Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Directed by Kevin Hooks

Saturday, November 2, 2019


Description: Craig is shocked to learn that his college roommate has checked in for a sex-change opearation. White takes an emotional beating when he must convince a grieving family to sign an autopsy consent form. Samuels and Paxton, having renewed their romantic relationship, clash over how to treat an alcoholic patient. Chandler treats a gunshot victim with amnesia.

"Release" is the 12th episode of season 1 of St. Elsewhere.
Originally aired February 1, 1983.
Teleplay by Tom Fontana, David Assael
Story by Joshua Brand, John Falsey
Directed by Victor Lobl

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