as Dr. Donald Westphall
(seasons 1-6,
recurring season 6)
as Dr. Mark Craig
(seasons 1-6)
as Dr. Daniel Auschlander
(seasons 1-6,
featured season 1)
as Dr. Ben Samuels
(season 1)
as Dr. John Gideon
(season 6)

Also starred
(in alphabetical order):

G.W. Bailey
as Dr. Hugh Beale
(season 1)
 Bonnie Bartlett
as Ellen Craig
(seasons 1-6,
starring seasons 5-6)
Ed Begley, Jr.
as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
(seasons 1-6)
Ellen Bry
as Nurse Shirley Daniels
(seasons 1-3,
featured season 1)
Stephen Furst
as Dr. Elliott Axelrod
(seasons 2-6,
featured season 2)

Bruce Greenwood
as Dr. Seth Griffin
(seasons 5-6)
Mark Harmon
as Dr. Bobby Caldwell
(seasons 2-4)
Terence Knox
as Dr. Peter White
(seasons 1-3)
Eric Laneuville
as Luther Hawkins
(seasons 1-6, 
featured season 1)
Sagan Lewis
as Dr. Jacqueline Wade
(seasons 1-6, starring season 6)
Howie Mandel
as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
(seasons 1-6)
Kim Miyori
as Dr. Wendy Armstrong
(seasons 1-2,
featured season 1)
David Morse
as Dr. Jack Morrison
(seasons 1-6)
as Dr. Paulette Kiem
(seasons 5-6,
starring season 6)
Christina Pickles
as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
(seasons 1-6)
Cindy Pickett
as Dr. Carol Novino
(seasons 4-6, featured season 4)
Kavi Raz
as Dr. Vijay Kochar
(seasons 1-6, recurring seasons 3-6)
Jennifer Savidge
as Nurse Lucy Papandrao
(seasons 1-6, starring season 6)
Cynthia Sikes
as Dr. Annie Cavanero
(seasons 1-3)
Nancy Stafford
as Joan Halloran
(seasons 2-4,
recurring seasons 3-4)
Denzel Washington
as Dr. Philip Chandler
(seasons 1-6)

and featured:

Barbara Whinnery
as Dr. Cathy Martin
(seasons 1-3)
Alfre Woodard
as Dr. Roxanne Turner
(seasons 4-6,
recurring seasons 5-6)

Recurring characters:

Hospital staff:

Paul Sand as Dr. Michael Ridley (season 2)
Byron Stewart as Warren Coolidge (seasons 3-6)
Philip Sterling as Dr. Simon Weiss (season 2-6)
Frank Dent as Dr. Steven Kiley (seasons 1-6)
Resident surgeon.
Jack Dodson as Judge Thornton Farnham (seasons 3-6)
On the hospital's board.
Edward Herrman as Father Joseph McCabe (seasons 4-5)
Founder and Chief of Services at St. Eligius.
Al Ruscio as Raleigh Morlin (seasons 2-3)
Head of maintenance.
Reid Shelton as Dr. Isaac Barton (seasons 2-6)
Arthur Taxier as Dr. Morton Chegley (seasons 1-2, 6)

Family & relationships:

Dana Short as Lizzie Westphall (seasons 1-6)
Donald's daughter.
Chad Allen as Tommy Westphall (seasons 2-6)
Donald's son.
Herb Edelman as Richard Clarendon (seasons 2-6)
Helen Rosenthal's boyfriend.
Alan Oppenheimer as Ira Rosenthal (season 1)
Helen's fourth husband.
Jeannie Elias as Marcy Eisenberg (seasons 2-6)
Helen's daughter from her first marriage.
Ian Fried as Jeff Rosenthal (seasons 2-6)
Helen's son from her fourth marriage.
Cady McClain as Erin Scheinfeld (seasons 2-3) (as Katie McClain)
Helen's daughter from her second marriage.
Karen Petraszek as Julie Silverman (seasons 2-4)
Helen's daughter from her third marriage.
Jonathan Chapin as Jimmy Silverman (seasons 2-4)
Helen's son from her third marriage.
Karen Landry as Myra White (seasons 1-3)
Peter's wife.
Candace Cameron as Megan White (seasons 1-3)
Peter's daughter.
Deborah White as Nina Morrison (seasons 1-2)
Jack's first wife.
Jean Bruce Scott as Roberta Sloan (season 2)
Victor's first wife.
Helen Hunt as Clancy Williams (seasons 2-4)
Jack's girlfriend.
Patricia Wettig as Joanne McFadden (seasons 5-6)
Jack's second wife.
Jane Wyatt as Katherine Auschlander (seasons 2-6)
Daniel's wife.
Geraldine Fitzgerald as Margaret Ryan (seasons 2, 5)
Daniel's long lost love.
Tanya Berezin as Constance (seasons 4-6)
Donald's sister-in-law.
Betty White as Captain Gloria Neal (seasons 3-4)
Donald's friend.
Scott Paulin as Steven Craig (seasons 1-4)
Mark's son.
Louis Nye as Dr. Axelrod (seasons 5-6)
Elliott's father.
Bill Dana as Mr. Fiscus (seasons 5-6)
Wayne's father.
Lainie Kazan as Mrs. Fiscus(season 6)
Wayne's mother.
Steve Allen as Lev Oseransky (seasons 5-6)
Victor's father.
Jayne Meadows as Olga Oseransky (seasons 5-6)
Victor's mother.
Louise Lasser as Aunt Charise (season 2)
Victor's aunt.

Staff with story arcs:

Karen Austin as Dr. Mary Woodley (season 3)
Head of E.R.
Jamie Rose as Dr. Susan Birch (season 5)
First-year resident doctor.
Melinda Culea as Nurse Julie McPhail (season 5)
Ward nurse.
Leah Ayres as Nurse Mona Polito (season 4)
Surgical nurse, and Wayne's girlfriend.
Vivian Bonnell as Nurse Skilling (season 1)
Ward nurse.
Melody Anderson as Nurse Jill Roberts (season 1)
Ward nurse, and Peter's girlfriend.
Jane Kaczmarek as Nurse Sandy Burns (seasons 1)
Nurse, and Peter's girlfriend.
Stacey Dash as Penny (season 6)
Video producer, and Luther's fiance.
Rosanne Katon as Amanda Taylor (season 2) (as Rosanne Katon Walden)
Physiotherapist and Phil's girlfriend.
Dorothy Fielding as Dr. Nancy Paxton (season 1)
Visiting doctor and former girlfriend of Dr. Samuels.
Caroline McWilliams as Dr. Christine Holtz (season 3)
Visiting doctor and Annie's house guest.
Christopher Guest as B.J. Cummings (season 1)
Hospital administrator.

Other recurring supporting staff:

Christina Kokubo >as Paramedic Faith Yee (seasons 3-6)
S. Pearl Sharp as Nurse Peggy Shotwell (seasons 4-6) (as Saundra Sharp)
Rae Dawn Chong as Billie Vaughan (seasons 3-4)
John Corey as Tony Clifton (season 4)
Telephone installer.
Rafael Campos as Ramon (season 1)
Purchasing manager.
Roxanne Reese as Nurse Louise (season 1)
Lance Guest as Rooney (season 1)

Recurring patients and featured characters:

Florence Halop as Florence Hufnagel (season 3)
Recurring patient.
Todd Susman as Victor Bevine (seasons 4-6)
Recurring patient and Dr. Westphall's moving man.
Oliver Clark as John Doe #6 (seasons 4-5)
Recurring psychiatric patient with amnesia.
Jeff Allin as Alex Corey (seasons 3-6)
Local artist.
Robert Costanzo as Mr. Broadwater (seasons 1, 4, 6)
Bypass patient.

Patients and/or their companions with story arcs:

Deborah May as Terri Valere (season 4)
Fertility patient trying to conceive.
George DelHoyo as Ken Valere (season 4) (as George Deloy)
Fertility patient whose wife is trying to conceive.
Marian Mercer as Eve Leighton (season 2)
Heart transplant recipient.
Stephen Elliott as Manny Schecter (season 3)
Firefighter and burn victim.
Ernie Hudson as Jerry Close (season 3)
Firefighter and burn victim.
John Hammond as Michael Duffy (season 3)
Firefighter and burn victim.
Richard Marcus as Ralph (season 1)
Psychiatric patient.
Laraine Newman as Jane Zontell a.k.a. Tweety (season 1)
Psychiatric patient.
Murray Rubin as Murray Robbin (season 3)
Patient and friend of Mrs. Hufnagel.
Kyle Secor as Brett Johnston (season 6)
AIDS patient.
John Scott Clough as Kevin O'Casey (seasons 4, 6)
Son of a polio patient, grandson of a bypass patient, boyfriend of Brett Johnston.
Tim Robbins as Andrew Rhinehardt (season 1)
Self-inflicted terrorist bombing victim.
Jack Bannon as Stephen McAllister (seasons 1, 4)
Husband of bombing victim.
Tom Hulce as John Doe #12, a.k.a. David Stewart (season 1)
Shooting victim and amnesiac.
Eric Stoltz as Eddie Carson (season 2)
Assault victim.
Dan Hedaya as Joseph Keuhnelian (season 2)
Epilepsy patient.
Lycia Naff as Maddy (season 3)
Pregnant fourteen-year-old girl.
Timothy Van Patten as Dean (season 3)
Father of Maddy's child.
Ann Hearn as Andrea Fordham (season 3)
Facial fibromatosis patient.
Piper Laurie as Fran Singleton (season 2)
Stroke victim.
Alan Arkin as Jerry Singleton (season 2)
Fran Singleton's husband.
John Schuck as Andy Wegener (season 3)
Jack Morrison's neighbour; undergoes dangerous procedure when his daughter suffers liver damage.
Brandy Gold as Alexis Wegener (season 3)
Liver damage patient.
Mimi Kennedy as Lois Wegener (season 3)
Alexis Wegener's mother and Andy's ex-wife.
Amanda Wyss as Pru Dowler (season 4)
Mentally challenged abortion patient.
Dorothy McGuire as Augusta Endicott (season 4)
Bypass patient and matriarch of a prominent political family.
Charles Cioffi as Senator Gordon Endicott (season 4)
Augusta Endicott's son.
Kathy Bates as Polly (season 5)
Homeless person with Tourette's syndrome.
David Wayne as Dr. George Wyler (season 3)
Dr. Auschlander's friend, searching for a kidney for a young African.
Larry B. Scott as Tshalla (season 3)
Young African kidney transplant patient.
Michael Learned as Sister Millicent Domenica (season 3)
Mother superior who refuses life support for a comatose nun.
Beatrice Straight as Marjorie Andrews (season 6)
Rehab patient.
David Ackroyd as Col. Chuck Cochrane (season 4)
Astronaut with Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome.
John Kellogg as Henry Spooner (season 6)
Artificial heart patient.
Neva Patterson as Marguerite Spooner (season 6)
Wife of artificial heart patient.

Other recurring supporting characters:

Suzanne Lederer as Yvonne Galecki (seasons 3-5)
Steven Craig's wife.
Ramon Bieri as Gene Galecki (season 4)
Steven Craig's father-in-law.
K Callan as Patty Galecki (season 4)
Steven Craig's mother-in-law.
Michael Richards as Bill Wolf (seasons 2-3)
TV producer.
Casey Siemaszko as Rick Messina (season 3)
Lizzie Westphall's boyfriend.
John Dennis Johnston as Nick Moats (seasons 4-5)
Convict, rapist and hostage-taker.
Austin Pendleton as Mr. Entertainment (season 2)
Janitor and compulsive entertainer.

This list is by no means complete, nor does it reflect the frequency with which a character appeared, but rather represents the selection of guest actors I remember most, cherrypicked from IMDB's "Full Cast and Crew" page for the show.


  1. A brief comment... one of the links to the names is wrong... David Birney has two links here... im sure by accident... the other is erroneously linked under Ronny Cox. Just thought you'd want to know. :)

    1. Thanks Lynzee! Missed that one when I was copying the code. I appreciate your help! :)

  2. Did the baby who was Barbara on the series grow up to become an actress?

    1. I don't know who the baby was, so I can't answer that!

  3. Jack Morrison's son PETE is not listed as one of the cast. Who was this little actor.

    1. I don't know. I haven't looked to see if he was ever credited.

    2. Just watched the credits of "Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball", which featured Pete Morrison prominently. The child actor was not listed in the credits.

  4. Dr. Wendy Armstrong. Did the actress wish to leave the show? If not, then why did the creators write her character out?

    1. No, as far as I know (and I've never found any information about it) Kim Miyori didn't want to leave the show. St. Elsewhere was the first show to kill off main characters not because the producers had to, but because they wanted to.

      I've never heard an explanation about Wendy specifically... In her case, I would guess that the writers were looking for a way to shock viewers (worked on me the first time I saw it). I would also guess they were also looking to trim down the size of the cast and/or to get rid of characters they weren't interested in developing.