Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest Work: Episode Descriptions

The St. Elsewhere Experience now boasts the most complete set of St. Elsewhere episode descriptions on the Web.

This is the photo they use at TV.com's page for
St. Elsewhere. It's from the second half of
season three.
I have to give credit to the late Donna Lemaster, whom I never knew, but whose St. Elsewhere episode guide I first came across in the Internet's fledgling days. Lemaster's guide has long been the only resource for finding titles, air dates and descriptions of all 137 episodes of St. Elsewhere, and over the years it gained some additions and bounced around before ending up at epguides.com. Recently, I discovered that the episode descriptions had disappeared. I had saved them, and I decided to dive in and give them a home here.

TV.com's episode guide for the show has also adapted Lemaster's episode summaries, but I, of course, like mine better. I plan on fleshing them out even more in the future.

Update, November 30: Turns out there are a bunch of sites that list TV you can watch online that have adapted Donna Lemaster's episode descriptions. I'd link to them now if it was worth the effort, but it's not.

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