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Watch "Time Heals" on YouTube

St. Elsewhere's greatest episode, a chronicle of the hospital on its fiftieth anniversary, is available on YouTube.

From 1965: Rookie nurse Helen Rosenthal (Christina
Pickles) meets young Luther Hawkins, whose mother
is working upstairs.
It's hard to dispute that St. Elsewhere has one episode that stands out as the series' single best offering. "Time Heals" parts one and two were the seventeenth and eighteenth episodes of season four, airing on back-to-back nights on February 19 and 20, 1986. The episode was St. Elsewhere's most decorated, winning four trophies at the 1986 Emmy Awards, for writing, art direction, sound mixing, and costuming.

The two-parter used flashbacks to tell the backstories of several characters, jumping back and forth by ten-year intervals. It's easy to see why they won Emmys for art direction and costuming--you can tell at a glance whether you're seeing St. Eligius in 1935, 1945, 1955, 1965, 1975 or 1985.

We get backstories for Dr. Donald Westphall (Ed Flanders), Dr. Mark Craig (William Daniels), Dr. Daniel Auschlander (Norman Lloyd), Nurse Helen Rosenthal (Christina Pickles), and the hospital's founder and administrator, Father Joseph McCabe (Edward Herrmann).

The episode features guest stars Kate Mulgrew, Brian Kerwin, William Russ and John Scott Clough as the O'Casey family. Terrence O'Casey (Kerwin) has been admitted with mysterious symptoms, and it's up to an injured Dr. Jack Morrison (David Morse), whose diagnostic skills leave much to be desired, to figure out what's wrong. Jack explores the O'Casey family history at St. Eligius to find the answer.

Thanks to YouTube user Janewayish for posting these as part of a tribute to Mulgrew, who played Captain Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager.

There's a playlist with all twelve parts, or you can check out the embedded videos below.

"Time Heals" Part 1 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 2 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 3 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 4 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 5 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 6 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 7 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 8 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 9 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 10 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 11 of 12:

"Time Heals" Part 12 of 12:

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  1. Even though I can't think of an ep I didn't like, the two part "Time Heals" is easily my fav. One of the best scenes ever took place in the restroom with Father McCabe counseling a young Donald Westphall. Slow St E music kicks as McCabe hands a 14 yr old Donny a pair of boxing gloves and says, "you know Donny, you're going to run into pain and disappointment your whole life, if you don't fess up to it, it'll beat the tar out of you every time. Now let's go." This was based on Donny's anger and delinquent behavior after watching his entire family die in their house fire - that was shown earlier in the episode. Anyway, Donny takes a swing while saying, "I SHOULDA DIED!" and levels McCabe to the ground and then goes to the wall and sobs. I have prolly watched that scene a 100 times and it gets me every time. Damn - where has quality programming gone?


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