Friday, November 10, 2017

Norman Lloyd at the World Series

St. Elsewhere veteran and Hollywood living legend Norman Lloyd attended the World Series in Los Angeles--91 years after his first. And he just turned 103.

Sorry to miss the day itself, but happy belated birthday greetings to Norman LloydSt. Elsewhere's Dr. Daniel Auschlander. He celebrated his 103rd birthday on Wednesday.

Before that, Lloyd made headlines when he attended game two of the World Series, where his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Houston Astros (who eventually prevailed in seven games). Here's the story from ESPN:

A boy's return to the World Series 91 years later

Lloyd was raised in Brooklyn, and became a Dodgers fan after his first trip to Ebbets Field in 1927. But the year before, he watched Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and the New York Yankees beat the St. Louis Cardinals in game one of the 1926 World Series, a few weeks shy of his 12th birthday.

In Keith Olbermann's ESPN profile linked above, Lloyd is quoted from an earlier interview where he discussed being a Dodgers fan. "They were awful, but I loved them. I have ever since. After all, they followed me to Los Angeles after I moved here."

People Magazine picked up the story as well.

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