Friday, January 18, 2019

William Daniels Interview

William Daniels, St. Elsewhere's Dr. Mark Craig, discusses the show in an interview about his career.

The Television Academy Foundation has posted an interview with William Daniels from August, 2017. On YouTube, the interview is conveniently broken down into clips, but you can watch the whole thing on the Television Academy Foundation website.

Here are the links:

William Daniels complete interview at

YouTube playlist of selections from the interview.

It's all good, but for St. E related stuff, check out:

  • On working with his St. Elsewhere castmates
  • On working with an advisor while preparing to play Dr. Craig
  • On winning his first Emmy award
  • On why St. Elsewhere resonated with viewers
  • On St. Elsewhere being canceled after the first year
  • On shooting walk and talks on St. Elsewhere
  • On getting cast in St. Elsewhere
  • On doing medical jargon on St. Elsewhere
  • Bonnie Bartlett and William Daniels on playing a married couple on St. Elsewhere
  • On their separation storyline on St. Elsewhere
  • On Bonnie joining the cast of St. Elsewhere

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see that you're still updating the site. Daniels was outstanding in this role, hence the Emmy. You could feel the tension between him and Begley, and others. The "seniors" in the cast - Flanders, Lloyd, Daniels, who was still middle age at the time, even Pickles - lent a credibility and maturity largely missing from today's television.


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