Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Cora and Arnie"

Description: A homeless couple face separation when the woman's impending amputation means show won't be able to care for her mentally challenged husband. A vacationing middle-class couple get a crash course in medical costs after a series of routine tests for an unexplained fainting. Beale tells Rhinehardt that he is fit for trial, and will be sent to prison. Fiscus treats a parolee whose back pains turn out to be a gunshot wound. Kochar feels homesick. Katherine McAllister dies, and her husband's grief turns deadly.

  • Doris Roberts and James Coco won the 1983 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for this episode. After Alfre Woodard won for Supporting Actress the following year for a guest appearance on Hill Street Blues, the Television Academy created awards for Outstanding Guest Actor and Outstanding Guest Actress.
  • A production mistake was made when the Rogers couple learns the amount of their hospital bill--the number read aloud does not match what was on their bill.
  • A commentary track for this episode with Mark Tinker and Doris Roberts appears on the season one DVD release.
  • This episode appears on the VHS four-tape set, The Very Best of St. Elsewhere.
  • We find out what becomes of Mr. McAllister in the season four episode, "Cheek to Cheek", when Morrison does community service doing medical exams in a local prison.
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