Sunday, November 15, 2020

Belated 106th Birthday Greetings to Norman Lloyd!

Norman Lloyd, St. Elsewhere's Dr. Daniel Auschlander, celebrated his 106th birthday last week, and the St. Elsewhere Experience regrets being a week late in celebrating the amazing longevity of Hollywood's greatest living legend, the man who played a Nazi Hitchcock villain during World War II. Lloyd was born on November 8, 1914.

Norman Lloyd, Saboteur

I like to think that Norman Lloyd is a living example of why they called it "The Greatest Generation."

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

New Personal Website:

This site is on hiatus. Check out my personal website to stay updated.

Mrs. Hufnagel may have left us, but her spirit lives on.
Remember the Gluck family motto:
"It is better to be despised than forgotten."
There will be more St. Elsewhere Experience content in the future, but the site is on hiatus for now, while I work on launching myself as a writer and a musician. (One thing I might do is re-make the Mrs. Hufnagel video series. I also like to do updates if I hear anything about the show in the news.)

So in the meantime, check out my writing and music at The sooner I can make a living full-time as a writer and a musician, the sooner I'll have spare time to work on this site again. (So there's some motivation to subscribe to me on Patreon and/or SubscribeStar; see links below.) I may write the occasional essay about St. Elsewhere and classic television, especially the MTM shows.

If you like the music from the St. Elsewhere era--well, so do I, and that's what my music sounds like. So if you're looking for new pop music that's good like the music from back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, check me out on Spotify and iTunes, and purchase digital downloads from my Bandcamp site.

It's a great treat to spot all the musical references in St. Elsewhere, and I even enjoy the old practice of using sound-alikes of popular songs. Whoever did that guitar solo in the original version of "Sweet Dreams" did a great job doing Jimmy Page's guitar solo from "Heartbreaker".

Keep coming back to the site and check out--and comment on--the episode pages. I've been in touch with a few fans who are re-watching the entire series, and making comments on episodes. Your contributions through comments are highly encouraged. Also, if there are any people out there who could write material that would be a valuable addition to the site (and fit in well with the rest of the content), I am happy to accept submissions from guest authors.

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