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Season 1

Season 1, 1982-83.

Aired Tuesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

1.01 (1), October 26, 1982 - "Pilot"
Life is hectic at St. Eligius, a structurally questionable teaching hospital in a bad neighborhood, derided by Bostonians as 'St. Elsewhere'. Morrison bonds with a teenage girl suffering from dysentery whose wealthy parents want her at a better facility. Cavanero can't find a potentially dangerous mental patient. Fiscus meets and is seduced by pathologist Cathy Martin. Samuels has to inform several women on staff that he may have given them gonorrhea. After a terrorist bomb goes off in a bank, an injured woman and the bomber are both admitted.

1.02 (2), November 9, 1982 - "Bypass"
Craig pushes a reluctant patient into agreeing to bypass surgery. Ehrlich is nervous about working with Craig, and chokes when his short-tempered mentor tests his knowledge of the heart. The bombing victim, Katherine McAllister, clings to life, while the obnoxious bomber, Andrew Rhinehardt, tests Morrison's patience. Samuels tries to teach Beale how to swim. A distraught Mr. McAllister arrives at the hospital and watches over his wife. The bomber's parents visit him. White's puzzling set of x-rays leads to multiple consults. Wayne and Cathy hook up again in the morgue.

1.03 (3), November 16, 1982 - "Down's Syndrome"
A couple learns their baby will be born with Down's Syndrome, and the husband pushes for an abortion. Beale assesses the bomber to determine his fitness for trial. Westphall shows members of the board around the hospital. Fiscus and Martin get trapped in an elevator; Fiscus worries that their relationship is only physical. White, fending off persistent phone calls from his wife in the E.R., nearly kills a patient. Morrison learns his wife is pregnant.

1.04 (4), November 23, 1982 - "Cora and Arnie"
A homeless couple face separation when the woman's impending amputation means she won't be able to care for her mentally challenged husband. A vacationing middle-class couple get a crash course in the cost of a series of routine tests for an unexplained fainting. Beale tells Rhinehardt that he is fit for trial, and will be sent to prison. Fiscus treats a parolee whose back pains turn out to be a gunshot wound. Kochar feels homesick. Katherine McAllister dies, and her husband's grief turns deadly.

1.05 (5), November 30, 1982 - "Samuels and the Kid"
Samuels operates on a precocious and likable boy admitted for surgery, and is reminded of his painful past. When his patient dies suddenly, Chandler tries to get Nurse Skilling fired for incompetency. Fiscus surprises Martin with a romantic dinner for their one-month anniversary. Cavanero, while vacationing for a weekend, delivers a baby by telephone. Craig receives the Cushing Left Anterior Descending Artery Award for Surgeon of the Year.

1.06 (6), December 7, 1982 - "Legionnaires (Part 1)"
After a series of deaths, Westphall and administrator Cummings clash over the decision to close a ward that could be home to an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease. White finds himself in dire financial straits when he loses his beeper. Martin breaks up with Fiscus when he starts to get too serious. Cavanero clashes with a hostile nurse.

1.07 (7), December 14, 1982 - "Legionnaires (Part 2)"
Westphall orders the closure of the ward due to Legionnaires, leaving the hospital vulnerable to the loss of funding as a result. Beale discovers that a psychiatric patient was impregnated during her hospital stay. Fiscus gets mugged in the ER. Cavanero dates the fisherman who helped her deliver the baby by phone. Samuels pretends to be a buyer interested in Mark's classic car.

1.08 (8), December 21, 1982 - "Tweety and Ralph"
Beale must decide if Ralph, the "Birdman of St. Eligius", is fit to be released along with his mate Tweety. The search for the source of Legionnaires' continues. Fiscus, traumatized by his recent assault, starts wearing a handgun in ER. Cavanero befriends a young woman facing a hysterectomy. Ellen Craig deals with the elusive Dr. Barnum.

1.09 (9), January 4, 1983 - "Rain"
Morrison regrets making an unheard-of house call when the caller guilts him into repeat visits. White's relationship with his wife is strained when their daughter is admitted to ER after swallowing mothballs. Fiscus has an encounter with another gang member in the ER. Ralph starts eating garbage. Aspiring surgeon Ehrlich lands in trouble with Craig after injuring a finger playing handball.

1.10 (10), January 11, 1983 - "Hearts"
A 'Dr. Bullfinch' impersonates a doctor and makes the rounds. A woman who didn't know she was pregnant finds herself in surprise labor, and is ambivalent about the prospect of motherhood. Ehrlich passes out during surgery. White moves in with the Morrisons when he and his wife separate. Dr. Paxton, Samuels's ex, begins work at St. Eligius.

1.11 (11), January 18, 1983 - "Graveyard"
Unable to save a dying boy, a frustrated Morrison lets the boy's parents perform a Chinese folk ritual. Samuels breaks up a late-night poker game to perform emergency surgery on a gunshot victim. Paxton rejects Samuels's advances. Ralph's manic stage reaches a crescendo.

1.12 (12), February 1, 1983 - "Release"
Craig is shocked to learn that his college roommate has checked in for a sex-change operation. White takes an emotional beating when he must convince a grieving family to sign an autopsy consent form. Samuels and Paxton, having renewed their romantic relationship, clash over how to treat an alcoholic patient. Chandler treats a gunshot victim with amnesia.

1.13 (13), February 8, 1983 - "Family History"
Armstrong investigates a man's medical and family history to diagnose his chronic nosebleeds. Chandler's amnesiac patient doesn't recognize his visiting parents. Craig struggles to accept his old roommate's impending sex change. White tries to reconcile with his wife.

1.14 (14), February 22, 1983 - "Remission"
Auschlander faces the prospect of more chemotherapy for his liver cancer. A female flasher makes the rounds. The fastidious Ehrlich has a nightmare of a roommate when the free-wheeling Fiscus moves in temporarily. Cavanero faces a difficult choice about a fellowship. Chandler and Morrison treat a patient beaten in a racially-motivated gang fight.

1.15 (15), March 1, 1983 - "Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day"
Further racial violence in response to a recent beating has the E.R flooded with fighting patients. A prostitute in for an appendectomy has a steady stream of well-wishers. Craig throws a party for a visiting surgeon, forcing Ehrlich to scramble for a date. White's wife wants money for an abortion. Morrison discovers the truth about the beating that sparked the violence.

1.16 (16), March 8, 1983 - "The Count"
An adult film star seeking to leave his trade enlists the doctors' help to evade a slovenly process server. Armstrong airs her suspicions to Craig that a senior surgeon is receiving kickbacks for unnecessarily implanting pacemakers in patients. Ehrlich and Fiscus nearly come to blows over their living arrangements. Dr. Craig considers putting his home on the market.

1.17 (17), March 15, 1983 - "Brothers"
A man's request that his brother be allowed to die with dignity is denied by hospital administrators. Rosenthal faces a mastectomy after discovering she has breast cancer. Sparks fly when Fiscus substitutes for Ehrlich on a date with Shirley Daniels. Helen's stress mounts as the hospital suffers computer glitches and she faces a radical mastectomy. Peter celebrates his birthday.

1.18 (18), March 22, 1983 - "Dog Day Hospital"
Ehrlich's first solo surgery gets interesting when a gun-toting pregnant woman takes the O.R. hostage, demanding to see the doctor who botched her husband's vasectomy. Helen returns to work following her mastectomy. Fiscus and Daniels visit his aunt Sirca.

1.19 (19), April 5, 1983 - "Working"
Morrison treats a man determined to drink himself to death. Chandler faces a malpractice suit after a patient suffers a fatal coronary. Craig welcomes Dr. Anya, a heart surgeon visiting from Hungary. White's life continues to spiral downward.

1.20 (20), April 12, 1983 - "Craig in Love"
Craig's disposition is uncharacteristically upbeat as he's further drawn to Dr. Anya. Morrison tries to get through to White, whose increasingly reckless behavior lands him in jail. A sick Samuels is comforted by Cavanero. Chandler is upset over the casual attitude everyone seems to be taking to his malpractice suit.

1.21 (21), April 19, 1983 - "Baron von M√ľnchausen"
Morrison and Ehrlich disagree over how to treat a patient who, unbeknownst to them,  is actually a case of M√ľnchausen syndrome. Daniels is assaulted by an unbalanced bag lady. Martin tries to arrange a double date with Fiscus and Daniels. White attends a drug rehabilitation program. Craig bluntly addresses a group of inner-city youths up for medical scholarships.

1.22 (22), May 3, 1983 - "Addiction"
Morrison tries to focus on his work while his wife goes into labor. The drug-addicted White is suspected of pilfering prescription medication. Auschlander and his friend reminisce about the past and get into a fight with a reckless driver. Dr. Craig's son Steven, a med student, visits the hospital, and Ehrlich is conflicted when he discovers Steven's drug habit. Martin casts her spell over Fiscus again.

Season 2

Season 2, 1983-84.

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

2.01 (23), October 26, 1983 - "The Ties That Bind"
A pushy, abrasive man drives his car into the E.R. to help his wife, who has had a stroke. Ehrlich meets an unusual young woman at the laundromat. Craig clashes with Joan Halloran, the new city health services advisor, over his proposed heart transplant for schoolteacher Eve Leighton. Fiscus tries to smooth things over with both Martin and Daniels. Luther gets attacked in the medication room.

2.02 (24), November 2, 1983 - "Lust Et Veritas"
The hospital welcomes a new plastic surgeon, Dr. Bobby Caldwell, and medical student Elliott Axelrod. Eve Leighton's sister expresses reservations about the heart transplant. A resident dropped from the program tries to convince Cavanero to re-evaluate him. Craig enlists Caldwell's help to oppose Halloran's plan to close an outpatient surgery clinic. Jerry Singleton's attempts at rehab for his paralyzed wife go too far.

2.03 (25), November 9, 1983 - "Newheart"
The men attend a rather staid bachelor party for Kochar. White learns about the dangers of nuclear medicine. Fran Singleton refuses to see her husband. Everyone opposes Joan's idea to participate in a government nuclear disaster contingency plan. Martin gives Kochar a unique wedding present. Westphall gives Morrison tragic news. The transplant team springs into action.

2.04 (26), November 16, 1983 - "Qui Transtulit Sustinet"
Craig performs the heart transplant surgery amid a barrage of media attention. Morrison tries to adjust to his loss. Fiscus and Luther invest in silver futures. Rosenthal counsels a group on breast cancer.

2.05 (27), November 23, 1983 - "A Wing and a Prayer"
Craig and Ehrlich each prepare turkeys for the staff who have to work Thanksgiving. A depressed Auschlander takes a special interest in an ailing 11-year-old.

2.06 (28), November 30, 1983 - "Under Pressure"
Rosenthal gets arrested just before her scheduled breast reconstruction. Mr. Entertainment sets up shop in an elevator and meets Dr. Ridley, the new psychiatrist. The Catholic-Protestant conflict comes to St. Eligius when Morrison treats an Irish youth who suffered a near-fatal beating.

2.07 (29), December 7, 1983 - "Entrapment"
Eve Leighton's students visit her. Martin decides she's in love with Dr. Craig. White comes to regret helping an exhausted mother pleading for sedatives in the E.R. when it turns out to have been a sting. Morrison learns more about Eddie Carson and 'The Troubles' as the violence escalates.

2.08 (30), December 14, 1983 - "All About Eve"
Caldwell is assaulted for treating Eddie Carson. Halloran reveals a secret in the E.R. Ehrlich meets a brand-new Roberta, newly employed at St. Eligius. Westphall must find a new caretaker for his autistic son when his housekeeper announces she's leaving. Eve Leighton takes a turn for the worse.

2.09 (31), December 21, 1983 - "Aids and Comfort"
White diagnoses AIDS for a Boston city councilor. Ridley tries to help a tennis prodigy deal with pressure from her ambitious father. Daniels and Ehrlich try to organize a blood drive amidst a blizzard and rumors of an AIDS patient.

2.10 (32), January 11, 1984 - "A Pig Too Far"
The staff and Halloran fight back when a large private hospital dumps an indigent, unstable emergency patient on the E.R. Ehrlich seeks advice about his relationship with Roberta. Daniels gets tied to the drug charges against White. Ridley and Morrison try to figure out a woman's violent mood swings and personality changes. A patient with computer expertise uses a program to diagnose patients and demonstrates how easily one could hack the hospital's file system.

2.11 (33), January 18, 1984 - "Blizzard"
A blizzard causes havoc for everyone. Craig's mission to drive to the hospital fails. Ehrlich decides to pop the question to Roberta. The roof caves in on Cavanero. Kochar takes up shelter in a local pub. Luther's keeps his father's old friend company when he is admitted with an illness. A computer hacker's game interferes with patient care.

2.12 (34), February 1, 1984 - "Hearing"
Auschlander asks Fiscus and Luther to help him get marijuana for his chemotherapy symptoms. White and Daniels face the medical board hearing. Westphall defends a deaf employee against his impatient supervisor. Ehrlich meets Roberta's snobbish parents.

2.13 (35), February 8, 1984 - "In Sickness and in Health"
Halloran's father is admitted to the hospital unexpectedly. The Craigs host Ehrlich's wedding to Roberta, where the bride develops cold feet, the catering causes trouble for everyone, Ehrlich's alcoholic aunt Charise begins celebrating early, and Mrs. Craig's mother arrives. Chandler's Boston Marathon practice run is less than inspirational.

2.14 (36), February 15, 1984 - "Drama Center"
A woman is raped in the hospital parking lot. White has trouble adjusting to his restricted status. Autistic Tommy Westphall reacts to the loss of his caretaker. Cavanero's new man in her life has difficulties with her career. An invasive documentary TV crew follows Craig going about his work.

2.15 (37), February 22, 1984 - "Attack"
Another rape occurs, this time inside the hospital. An old love of Dr. Auschlander's checks in. Roberta unwittingly broadcasts her marital problems to the whole hospital after returning from her honeymoon with Ehrlich. Morrison tries to treat a high-rise construction worker with dizziness who won't give a complete medical history.

2.16 (38), February 29, 1984 - "After Dark"
Morrison learns a lesson from another doctor who diagnoses Mr. Keuhnelian. Craig prepares to accept his anticipated 'Doctor of the Year' award. Caldwell and Ehrlich both make decisions about their romantic futures. The rapist strikes again.

2.17 (39), March 7, 1984 - "Vanity"
Dr. Craig tries to stop the TV documentary. Mr. Entertainment finds his true calling. Morrison visits White in jail. Armstrong continues to feel traumatized after her attack. Rosenthal finally has her breast reconstruction surgery.

2.18 (40), March 14, 1984 - "Equinox"
White returns to work to face a hostile staff. Cavanero tells a college student he has testicular cancer. Chandler questions himself about why Amanda remains distant from him. Martin comes forward to confront her rapist. Axelrod loses Fiscus's beloved Red Sox cap. Chandler is upset when his girlfriend enjoys Luther's company.

2.19 (41), March 28, 1984 - "The Women"
Three women sharing a room become close despite their differences: an old woman facing the loss of her independence, a mother trying to deal with violent surges of erratic behavior, and a woman searching for 'character' through a nose job.

2.20 (42), May 2, 1984 - "Cramming"
Ehrlich deals with his visiting Aunt Charise and her romantic designs on Westphall while he and the other residents cram for the National Boards. A stressed-out Armstrong makes a tragic misdiagnosis. White chooses to take a polygraph test before his trial begins.

2.21 (43), May 9, 1984 - "Rough Cut"
Fiscus poses in provocative attire for a newspaper feature. Caldwell and Halloran try to take a spontaneous trip to Paris, but a snag puts the kibosh on them. Mounting pressures become too much for Armstrong to bear. Everyone waits to hear who will be dropped from the residency program for second year as Westphall, Auschlander and Craig make the cuts.

2.22 (44), May 16, 1984 - "Hello, Goodbye"
The residents scatter as vacation begins. Morrison meets a charming young woman. The E.R. faces major structural repairs, requiring Halloran to go to bat for the hospital to secure funding. Steven Craig returns home after beating his drug problem, but his father is less than forgiving. Luther tries to find a Cheshire cat for a skeptical little girl. Auschlander collapses in an elevator. Axelrod interviews for a position as a resident.

Season 3

Season 3, 1984-85.

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

3.01 (45), September 19, 1984 - "Playing God (Part 1)"
Fiscus takes the new residents on a tour of the hospital. Morrison and Clancy argue over what to do about her unexpected pregnancy. Rosenthal and Auschlander fail to agree about anything as a nurses' strike looms. The E.R. receives three seriously burned firefighters. Westphall clashes with a strong-minded Mother Superior over life support for a critically ill nun.

3.02 (46), September 26, 1984 - "Playing God (Part 2)"
Westphall bans Sister Domenica from the hospital. The firefighters try to adjust to their injuries. Fiscus meets a fairy godmother. White returns to work. Clancy takes the matter of her pregnancy into her own hands. A Federal mediator joins the stalled contract talks. Ehrlich teaches a sex education class to bypass patients.

3.03 (47), October 3, 1984 - "Two Balls and a Strike"
The rapist returns to St. Eligius. Daniels stays on the job while Rosenthal leads most of the other nurses out on strike. Ellen Craig persuades Mark to see a therapist about their marital problems. Luther learns one of the firefighters is fighting his pain in his own way. Lizzie Westphall leaves for college.

3.04 (48), October 17, 1984 - "Strikeout"
Luther and Warren do some plumbing for Craig during their temporary layoff. Papandrao leaves the picket line to help Ehrlich in an emergency operation. Caldwell tries to find new ways for the firefighters deal with their continuing pain. Martin finds herself confronting the rapist again.

3.05 (49), October 24, 1984 - "Breathless"
A psychiatric patient confesses to the latest series of rapes. Michael Duffy suffers complications from his unprescribed drug use. A long-time hospital employee learns he is suffering from asbestosis. Rosenthal agrees to a friendly dinner with Richard. Ehrich receives his divorce papers just as his glands kick in again.

3.06 (50), October 31, 1984 - "My Aim Is True"
Caldwell performs plastic surgery on Manny while Jerry fights off cabin fever. A gun is stolen from the E.R. White reunites with his family. Auschlander hires Joan Halloran as his new assistant. Axelrod becomes a hypochondriac. Rosenthal begins an affair with Richard. A disturbed Daniels decides to do something about White.

3.07 (51), November 7, 1984 - "Fade to White"
Police presence in the hospital is stepped up following the Peter White shooting. Daniels nervously awaits word of Peter's condition. Morrison finds a psychological cause for a boy's asthma attacks. Several residents interview for a TV job. The city honors the surviving firefighters. Auschlander considers retirement.

3.08 (52), November 14, 1984 - "Sweet Dreams"
Westphall suffers sleepless nights. A young man from the Phillippines is apparently frightened to death by his dreams. Luther dreams of sweet revenge, ZZ Top-style. Morrison suffers from nightmares of Peter White when he and some other residents take part in a dream research project. Fiscus treats a patient with a severe sleep disorder. Cavanero diagnoses a patient with sleep apnea.

3.09 (53), November 21, 1984 - "Up on the Roof"
A bone-marrow specialist arrives to perform a transplant between two feuding brothers and stays with Cavanero. The last firefighter gives Caldwell a parting gift. Morrison's next-door neighbor experiences a tragedy while babysitting Pete. Rosenthal overcomes her fears and begins an affair with Richard. White's killer is cornered on the hospital roof.

3.10 (54), November 28, 1984 - "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"
Auschlander suggests a controversial liver dialysis procedure for Andy Wegener's daughter, using her father's liver. Cavanero is stung by the same rumor she started about Dr. Holtz. Chandler reports an old voodoo woman for practicing medicine without a license. Craig is called before the fees commission. Rosenthal meets Richard's wife.

3.11 (55), December 5, 1984 - "Homecoming"
Mrs. Wegener arrives to find both her ex-husband and daughter near death. Clancy moves in with Morrison after a burglary. Martin gives Fiscus a letter about Daniels. Lizzie returns from Vassar with a boyfriend.

3.12 (56), December 12, 1984 - "The Children's Hour"
Fiscus pressures Martin into stepping out of the psychiatric ward. Judge Farnham questions Auschlander about the ethics of Mr. Wegener's role in his daughter's treatment while Mrs. Wegener decides to take the child back to Chicago. Tommy's school asks Westphall to withdraw him. An angry Mitzi confronts Rosenthal about the affair. Ehrlich tries to help the nymphomaniac wife of a patient.

3.13 (57), December 19, 1984 - "Dr. Wyler, I Presume"
An old friend of Auschlander's who won a Nobel Peace Prize in Africa returns to locate a kidney donor for a young African. Ehrlich is advised to make his TV spots more entertaining. Helen doesn't feel like celebrating her 45th birthday. The bomb squad is called in as Craig must remove a potentially explosive bullet from a shooting victim. Mrs. Hufnagel returns to the hospital.

3.14 (58), January 2, 1985 - "Whistle, Wyler Works"
A donor is found for Tshalla but Ehrlich misses out on the operation. Morrison faces a personal problem when Luther is recruited by a Caribbean medical school with doubtful credentials.

3.15 (59), January 9, 1985 - "Bye, George"
Dr. Wyler puts Auschlander onto a new way of life. Halloran interviews Morrison's co-workers in an effort to build a case for him. Ehrlich takes the Craigs out for a disastrous dinner. Mrs. Hufnagel loses a chance at a new life.

3.16 (60), January 16, 1985 - "Saving Face"
Westphall places a new doctor in charge of the E.R. Axelrod's visit to Mrs. Hufnagel's apartment lands her back in the hospital. Rosenthal and Richard reconcile. Craig celebrates his 30th wedding anniversary with a party and a visit from his estranged brother. Caldwell begins treatment of a disfigured girl suffering from facial fibromatosis. A junkie admits his very pregnant 14-year-old girlfriend.

3.17 (61), January 23, 1985 - "Give the Boy a Hand"
Dr. Woodley tries to help Maddy decide what to do after her baby is born. Dean sets up a disastrous drug deal. Ehrlich offends a disabled cafeteria worker with his 'Health Spot' segment. Lizzie returns home unexpectedly, hoping to escape the pressures of college life.

3.18 (62), January 30, 1985 - "Any Portrait in a Storm"
A violent storm brings down a news helicopter. Dean takes off for Florida, leaving Maddy alone to face the future. Myra gives birth to a son, Peter. Hufnagel haggles over her medical bills. Rosenthal struggles with her new position in the E.R. Phone installer Tony Clifton is electrocuted. Auschlander, angry about his portrait, cancels the dedication ceremony. Martin returns to medical practice.

3.19 (63), February 13, 1985 - "Red, White, Black and Blue"
Westphall's old friend, Captain Gloria Neal, arrives to prepare the hospital during the First Lady's visit to the area. Ehrlich creates anguish for a mother and child when he causally reports suspected child abuse. Richard must face Rosenthal's children when he asks to move in. Daniels is released on bail while she awaits trial and returns to St. Eligius.

3.20 (64), February 20, 1985 - "Amazing Face"
Westphall decides to sell his house. Andrea Fordham sees her face for the first time. Daniels returns to the morgue where she shot Peter White. Rosenthal believes she's pregnant again. Mrs. Hufnagel faces surgery.

3.21 (65), February 27, 1985 - "Murder, She Rote"
Axelrod asks Rosenthal's oldest daughter Marcy for a date. Andrea is reluctant to face the world with her new appearance. Daniels is declared able to return to work. Mrs. Hufnagel's stay at St. Eligius finally ends.

3.22 (66), March 13, 1985 - "Tears of a Clown"
A young woman's multiple sclerosis worsen, threatening her life as a circus clown. Craig helps Westphall look for a condo. Morrison feels the pressures of his responsibilities as a doctor and father.

3.23 (67), March 20, 1985 - "Bang the Eardrum Slowly"
Luther loses his hearing in an explosion. Morrison finds an explanation for his substandard performance. Axelrod learn s he is Mrs. Hufnagel's beneficiary and meets her son.

3.24 (68), March 27, 1985 - "Cheers"
Katherine Auschlander faces major heart surgery. Craig is disturbed to see the ravages of time on his mentor, Dr. David Domedion. Ehrlich searches for a religion. The messiah shows up for a Celtics game. Westphall announces his resignation while having drinks with Auschlander and Craig at Cheers.

Season 4

Season 4, 1985-86.

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

4.01 (69), September 18, 1985 - "Remembrance of Things Past"
The hospital review board acquires a new member from the psychiatric floor. Chandler experiences long-suppressed resentments when he treats a Vietnamese patient. Turner counsels an upwardly mobile couple who can't conceive a child.

4.02 (70), September 25, 1985 - "Fathers and Sons"
The Craigs meet their pregnant daughter-in-law, Yvonne Galecki. The Valeres continue to explore their reproductive options. Westphall's new policies irritate the residents and Auschlander. Luther rides with a paramedic team preoccupied with their personal grievances.

4.03 (71), October 23, 1985 - "Haunted"
The Craigs face a tremendous loss as their first grandchild is born. A newly inspired Westphall returns to work full of ideas. Fiscus invites himself up to Caldwell's Cape Cod retreat, where he sees a different side to the surgeon. Elliott and Marcy discover a common interest in food.

4.04 (72), October 30, 1985 - "The Naked and the Dead"
Westphall tries to deal with his critical sister-in-law and a reluctant hospital board. Luther becomes Axelrod's personal trainer. Roxanne asks Chandler to her recital. Rosenthal worries about threats to an assaulted teenager. Caldwell's questionable behavior continues at the hospital. Craig proves to be of little help to his grieving wife.

4.05 (73), November 6, 1985 - "Slice O' Life"
Westphall drives himself too hard and is hospitalized. Yvonne's parents arrive to see their daughter and to claim their grandchild. Terri has in-vitro fertilization. Fiscus makes a donation. Caldwell picks up the wrong woman. Rosenthal goes back to work on the floor. Westphall's insightful moving man checks into the hospital.

4.06 (74), November 13, 1985 - "Lost and Found in Space"
An astronaut lecturing in Boston collapses and is brought to St. Eligius. Papandrao and Rosenthal continue to clash. Axelrod loses both Marcy and his battle with the bulge. Craig impatiently assumes the responsibility for explaining the facts of life to a mentally challenged young woman. Westphall hears some difficult truths from his sister-in-law.

4.07 (75), November 20, 1985 - "Close Encounters"
Craig arranges to take Yvonne home to her parents. Ehrlich advises a plastic surgery patient behind Caldwell's back. Captain Gloria Neal arrives to evaluate the astronaut's condition and supervise his transfer to Walter Reed, despite Westphall and Morrison's objections. Chandler and Turner plan a vacation together. John Doe #6 decides he's Mary Richards and plans a party to celebrate.

4.08 (76), November 27, 1985 - "Watch the Skies"
Mr. Galecki brings Barbara back to the Craigs. Turner leaves unexpectedly for her sleepy hometown in Mississippi. Rosenthal slaps Papandrao. Morrison takes his remedial exam. Cololnel Cochrane reconciles himself with God.

4.09 (77), December 4, 1985 - "Sanctuary"
Westphall learns that his new housekeeper is an illegal immigrant who was tortured by the death squads in El Salvador. A nervous Ehrlich tries to get out of his OB-GYN rotation, but can't escape his duty. Crackdowns on the homeless unearth a sarcophagus and an old acquaintance of Fiscus's. Caldwell is chastised for making inappropriate comments to Papandrao in front of a patient.

4.10 (78), December 11, 1985 - "Loss of Power"
Life goes on as the generator fails during the city-wide blackout. Caldwell takes leave to visit a dying friend. Westphall shares a stuck elevator with a volatile nihilist. Craig and Wade perform emergency surgery. Pru returns to the hospital, as do the Valeres. Rosenthal is subpoenaed. Fiscus uses the blackout as an opportunity to get romantic with Mona. A man who believes he's a vampire appeals to Morrison and Axelrod for help.

4.11 (79), December 18, 1985 - "Santa Claus is Dead"
Axlerod tries to keep Santa Claus alive after he collapses at a children's party. Ehrlich tries to brighten the holiday for his only obstetrical patient. Lizzie's boyfriend finds the Westphall's Christmas depressing. Craig overindulges at his Christmas party.

4.12 (80), January 8, 1986 - "The Boom Boom Womb"
An anti-abortionist targets the hospital with bomb threats. Chandler volunteers at the Boston Women's Clinic. Rosenthal must decide what to do about her poorly-behaved youngest son. Luther loses his favorite racing pigeon, whom he left in Axelrod's care. Morrison tries to explain abortion to Pru. Westphall's housekeeper has her INS hearing. Mona and Wayne quarrel.

4.13 (81), January 15, 1986 - "To Tell the Truth"
Fiscus reluctantly does his community outreach work with a couple of feisty old people. Chandler finds himself near yet another explosion. John Doe #6 is claimed by a couple who seem as wacky as he is. Rosenthal and Papandrao settle out of court. The Valeres consider adoption and divorce as they come to the medical end of the line for their fertility problems.

4.14 (82), January 22, 1986 - "Family Ties"
Auschlander resents the wealth and influence of the matriarch of an old Massachusetts family admitted for tests. Morrison feels his impending knee surgery. Axelrod tries to get to know an animal researcher. The Valeres make a decision about surrogacy. Fiscus meets the woman who will unknowingly bear his child, and regrets his impulsive proposal to Mona when he realizes their divergent ideas about married life.

4.15 (83), January 29, 1986 - "Family Feud"
The Endicotts learn that their family's medical problems are hereditary. Caldwell prepares for surgery to eliminate his facial scar, but learns he carries a more permanent reminder of his carelessness. As Morrison celebrates his birthday, he and Fiscus play romantic games with Clancy and Mona.

4.16 (84), February 12, 1986 - "Family Affair"
The Endicotts try to adjust to losing a family member but gain good news about another. Caldwell's diagnosis of AIDS causes concern for his friends and a cooling in Fiscus and Clancy's relationship. Ehlrich's outreach assignment leads him to try to help the normal-sized son of dwarf parents.

4.17 (85), February 19, 1986 - "Time Heals (Part 1)"
St. Eligius's 50th anniversary spurs memories, including its opening in 1935 under the leadership of Father Joseph McCabe, the arrival of recently emigrated Helen Rosenthal, Craig's return as Chief of Surgery after being passed over at Boston General, Craig's first bypass surgery on Patrick O'Casey, and the death of Maureen Westphall. Morrison struggles to diagnose a patient experiencing temporary paralysis. A kidnapper walks off with Pete.

4.18 (86), February 20, 1986 - "Time Heals (Part 2)"
St. Eligius's 50th anniversary spurs memories, including Donald Westphall's challenging younger years, the arrival of young Daniel Auschlander and his first meeting with Katharine, the end of Father McCabe's tenure, and the residency of Mark Craig under Dr. David Domedion. The O'Casey's long family history with St. Eligius leads Morrison to a diagnosis. Pete is returned.

4.19 (87), February 26, 1986 - "Out on a Limb"
A former nurse returns to St. Eligius as a medical student. An athlete desperate to prolong his mediocre career learns steroids are killing him. Morrison has difficulty telling a young boy he will lose an arm to cancer. Fiscus and Axelrod see southern California through different eyes during a medical conference. Ellen feels the pressure of caring for Barbara and her continuing grief over Steven's death.

4.20 (88), March 5, 1986 - "Come Home, Oh Sapien"
Chandler does his outreach work at a crisis hotline, where he draws a suicide on his first night. Ehrlich earns Craig's approval after he performs well during an emergency. Novino renews her friendship with Westphall and his family. Ellen kicks Mark out of their home.

4.21 (89), March 12, 1986 - "Cheek to Cheek"
Novino treats a famous cartoonist whose hands are being crippled by arthritis. Ehrlich ends his OB-GYN stint by examining Mrs. Craig. Morrison's outreach work at a state prison reunites him with a familiar face, but ends tragically with a riot.

4.22 (90), March 19, 1986 - "Black's Magic"
Turner returns to St. Eligius in time to deliver the baby of an old patient, while she and Chandler keep missing their chance for a reunion. Auschlander gets trapped in a crack house that has been bequeathed to the hospital. Barbara is returned to the Galeckis.

4.23 (91), April 30, 1986 - "The Equalizer"
Rosenthal's first husband and youngest son both return to her life. Chandler comes under fire for his activism against apartheid. Turner finds it hard to let go of the Ettings' baby. The Valeres wish is finally granted. Everyone wants to date Novino. Ellen wants Barbara to be christened.

4.24 (92), May 7, 1986 - "E.R."
The residents worry over who will be asked to return for third year. The Craigs miss the "Doctor of the Year" award dinner. Fiscus obsesses over a locked door. Martin drops by for a visit. Auschlander fears death as Halley's Comet blazes overhead. A mugging victim named Boston Massachusetts waits for treatment in the E.R.

Season 5

Season 5, 1986-87.

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

5.01 (93), September 24, 1986 - "Where There's Hope, There's Crosby"
A depressed Father McCabe returns to St. Eligius, suffering from ALS. Morrison receives a visitor from Seattle. Craig seeks help for his injured hand from an old classmate. One of Axelrod's patients awakens in the morgue. Luther plays musical air conditioners.

5.02 (94), October 1, 1986 - "When You Wish Upon a Scar"
Wade tries to get a drip on her marital problems. Fiscus throws an engagement party for Morrison. Rosenthal figures out the self-serving Griffin. John Doe #6 returns.

5.03 (95), October 8, 1986 - "A Room With a View"
Craig behaves boorishly to his replacement, Dr. Paulette Kiem. Birch treats a radioactive patient. Papandrao  invites Ehrlich as her date to a family birthday party. An elderly friend of Fiscus's is admitted with a major stroke. A hospital neighbor becomes very upset when she observes Craig's imminent departure.

5.04 (96), October 15, 1986 - "Brand New Bag"
The Craigs try out yet another new maid. Fellow employees stab Luther in the back. Axelrod is embarrassed and rude about a patient's colostomy. Fiscus helps Mr. Ewell's daughter take him to die.

5.05 (97), October 29, 1986 - "You Beta Your Life"
Westphall helps a terminally ill teenager reach his parents. Griffin plays Birch and Novino against each other to escape blame in a patient's death. Morrison and Chandler disagree over the diagnosis of a baby with intestinal problems.

5.06 (98), November 5, 1986 - "Not My Type"
Turner faces a dilemma as she performs surgery on a Jehovah's Witness, who has forbidden any blood transfusions. Griffin takes positive steps to blame Birch for the patient's death. Ehrlich announces his night with Papandrao. Craig's new typist encourages him to use his imagination.

5.07 (99), November 12, 1986 - "Up and Down"
Lizzie gets involved with Griffin. A man falls while trying to scale the hospital. Luther befriends a bag lady with Tourette's Syndrome. John Doe #6 disappears with Craig's book.

5.08 (100), November 19, 1986 - "Nothing Up My Sleeve"
Mandatory drug testing causes a deep division of opinion. Morrison is haunted by his day at the prison. Axelrod is assigned to guide a 14-year-old medical student through life as a doctor. Griffin gets a warning from Westphall about hurting his daughter. Craig tries to perform magic tricks for some young patients and his housekeeper.

5.09 (101), November 26, 1986 - "After Life"
Fiscus is shot in E.R. and experiences heaven, hell and purgatory as his colleagues battle to keep him alive.

5.10 (102), December 3, 1986 - "Once Upon a Mattress"
Fiscus awakens but is deeply depressed, despite a visit from his father. Craig returns to work and his office, disregarding Kiem's feelings. Wespthall decides to stop seeing Novino. Mr. Bevine returns for a penile implant.

5.11 (103), December 10, 1986 - "Lost Weekend"
Westphall tries to help an alcoholic poet he once admired. Craig puts his usual worst foot forward as he tries to persuade the Soviets to release Masha's husband. Rosenthal confronts McPhail about her drug problem. Ehrlich makes friends with Papandrao's narcoleptic boyfriend.

5.12 (104), January 7, 1987 - "Cold War"
Turner finds her confidence shaken when she learns her new patient, about to undergo a risky transfusion procedure, has a malpractice suit pending at another hospital. Dr. Peltrovich arrives but has trouble getting licensed to practice medicine. Morrison loses his temper during a paintball game.

5.13 (105), January 14, 1987 - "Russian Roulette"
Craig becomes jealous when Dr. Peltrovich is finally allowed to pursue his work with lasers. Fiscus experiences an emotional roller coaster as he returns to work with a critical leukemia patient. Ehrlich hits highs and lows as he accepts his "Orphan of the Year" award.

5.14 (106), January 21, 1987 - "Visiting Daze"
Axelrod allows Novino and Griffin to override his judgment. Kiem worries about her long distance marriage as she tries to help an inseparable couple make a final farewell. Luther tries to help Polly make it through a day without her medication. Ehrlich goes to great lengths to confirm the Oseranskys' story.

5.15 (107), January 28, 1987 - "Getting Ahead"
Novino uncovers a pathologist selling body parts after one of her patients dies, and must replace a missing part for the funeral. Westphall learns that Lizzie is pregnant. Chandler and a visiting private practitioner learn something from each other. Craig sends a gift to his mother-in-law. John Doe #6 surfaces again, with Craig's novel.

5.16 (108), February 4, 1987 - "Jose, Can You See?"
Novino tangles again with Chandler about admitting a blind street person to give him shelter. Auschlander's old flame returns, and lets slip that he had a son he never knew about. The Craigs face their grief all over again when Ellen offers Griffin a place to stay. Wade fears for her future when she learns she needs glasses.

5.17 (109), February 11, 1987 - "Schwarzwald"
Rosenthal tries to help her newly obese daughter cope with her problems. Axelrod's father brings a dog to the hospital for chemotherapy. Turner reluctantly reveals ultrasound results to a couple looking for the perfect baby. Westphall continues to try to keep the hospital open.

5.18 (110), February 18, 1987 - "You Again?"
Morrison testifies at Nick Moats's parole hearing. Kiem buries herself in work when she learns her son is missing from home. Fiscus diagnoses multiple sclerosis in an old college friend. Rumors fly that St. Eligius is about to become a billing center for Boston General.

5.19 (111), February 25, 1987 - "Rites of Passage"
Fiscus waits for a woman artificially inseminated with his sperm to give birth. Three young men explore life and the hospital to relieve the boredom of their stay. Westphall relives part of his past when a childhood friend reminds him of an old pact. Drs. Craig and Auschlader continue to search for hospital financing.

5.20 (112), March 4, 1987 - "Women Unchained"
Shirley Daniels returns to the hospital as a patient to a frosty reception. Chandler and Novino compete to see who can correctly diagnose a difficult patient. Westphall reunites with an old friend. Ehrlich and Papandrao face wedding rumors when they return from Mexico.

5.21 (113), May 13, 1987 - "Good Vibrations"
The representative of a foreign medical group interested in the hospital visits to absorb the psychic aura of the place (via flashbacks) but collapses from a heart attack before he can recommend the sale.

5.22 (114), May 20, 1987 - "Slip Sliding Away"
Luther turns sleuth to find out who is responsible for the mercy killings. Turner takes a chance doing experimental fetal heart surgery. Axelrod gets back at Novino and Griffin. Morrison buys a gun to protect his family. Yvonne Galecki Craig arrives to claim her daughter. Ehrlich and Papandrao have second thoughts about marriage when the new owners fire everyone in the hospital.

5.23 (115), May 27, 1987 - "Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball"
Things are chaotic as patients are transferred and the staff all scramble to find new positions. Morrison and Nick Moats have a final tragic encounter. Ellen Craig reaches her final limits with her husband at a staff party. Auschlander collapses in the hospital as the demolition of St. Eligius looms.

Season 6

Season 6, 1987-88.

Aired Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM on NBC.

6.01 (116), September 16, 1987 - "Resurrection"
One month after the shutdown, St. Eligius reopens under the health corporation Ecumena and CEO Dr. John Gideon. As everyone returns, Ehrlich and Papandrao have a passionate reunion. Fiscus finds a baby with AIDS. Westphall experiences many misgivings. Craig is offered a chance to head an artificial heart program.

6.02 (117), September 23, 1987 - "The Idiot and the Odyssey"
Joanne blames Morrison when her former husband takes their children back to Seattle. Westphall clashes with Gideon over and AIDS clinic for St. Eligius. Kiem uses hypnosis as anesthesia for an obese patient. Ehrlich wanders around Boston on the day before his wedding pursuing an elusive redhead.

6.03 (118), September 30, 1987 - "A Moon for the Misbegotten"
The AIDS clinic becomes a showdown between Westphall and Gideon. Griffin tries to avoid his AIDS patient's homosexual partner. Fiscus's mother drops by for a visit. Luther tries to help a man who insists he's pregnant and about to deliver.

6.04 (119), October 21, 1987 - "Ewe Can't Go Home Again"
Wade suffers from the quarrels of her temporary lodgers. The orderlies ask Auschlander to help them reach Gideon about their grievances. Rosenthal learns one of her nursing students is an epileptic. Craig warns Ehrlich about the pitfalls of marriage as they begin the artificial heart program with a sheep.

6.05 (120), October 28, 1987 - "Night of the Living Bed"
As Halloween approaches, Chandler tries to diagnose an old friend of Gideon's as part of his campaign to be named Chief Resident. Craig, Wade and Ehrlich try to corral the next artificial heart recipient. Ellen meets Gideon. Griffin's impatience with his AIDS patient has tragic results. The room where Mrs. Hufnagel died seems to be haunted.

6.06 (121), November 4, 1987 - "The He-Man Woman Hater's Club"
Craig and Ehrlich attend a meeting of the Cushing Society, an all male medical society. Wade gets herself into more surgery than she bargained for. Novino takes a special interest in two lonely children. Gideon offers Ellen a new career. Chandler is appointed new chief resident.

6.07 (122), November 11, 1987 - "Handoff"
Novino, Ehrlich and Chandler screen artificial heart candidates for Craig, who will have to make the ultimate choice of life and death. Luther reflects on his dreary round of work and home life. Ellen and Gideon get together over cafeteria food.

6.08 (123), November 18, 1987 - "Heart On"
Craig proceeds with his artificial heart implant despite some questions about his choice of candidates. Morrison tries to deal with Joanne's departure. Craig becomes suspicious about the relationship between Ellen and Gideon. AIDS patient Brett Johnson and his partner are victims of a gay bash, leading to Brett's readmission to the hospital.

6.09 (124), December 2, 1987 - "Weigh In, Way Out"
Fiscus pulls one last prank on Gideon before turning thirty. Morrison and Novino compete to deliver the 100,000th baby at St. Eligius. Craig puts his boxing gloves on again. Lucy walks the Freedom Trail with a dying man.

6.10 (125), December 9, 1987 - "No Chemo, Sabe?"
Axelrod's cousin Pee-Wee checks in and checks out Novino. Fiscus tries to help his father deal with his stroke. Mr. Spooner takes his first post-surgery steps with the media in attendance. Auschlander considers his future medical treatment.

6.11 (126), December 16, 1987 - "A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking"
A man claiming to be the true inventor of the Craig 9000 kidnaps Ehrlich. Brett Johnston's rib injuries have led to pneumonia, and he is determined to break with his partner. Kiem helps Amy Jeffries, a lonely St. Eligius neighbor. Griffin treats a driven young broker determined to make a million dollars before he dies. Lucy worries that she might be pregnant. Helen returns to work. Ecumena gets sued for copyright infringement. Mrs. Spooner ends her husband's suffering.

6.12 (127), January 6, 1988 - "Final Cut"
Mr. Bevine returns for a foreskin reconstruction. Auschlander seeks an alternative for a fellow cancer patient. Novino frets over Pee-Wee. Lucy has trouble telling Victor her big news. Fiscus returns to work, but has trouble putting his father's death behind him. Morrison's false confidence as 'Dr. Adam Logan' meets its match when Pete is rejected by an exclusive private school.

6.13 (128), January 13, 1988 - "Heaven's Skate"
Judge Farnham checks into the hospital with inoperable cancer (and asks for Floyd the Barber). Rosenthal is upset by the news of Bobby Caldwell's death. Craig searches for a date for a skating rink benefit. Kiem is caught in the middle when she saves the life of a black youth shot by a Vietnamese gang member. Griffin befriends the new chaplain, a descendant of Father McCabe's.

6.14 (129), February 3, 1988 - "Curtains"
Morrison counsels a family about genetic testing and Huntington's disease. Rosenthal's drug abuse has fatal consequences. Alex Corey creates a shocking piece of performance art. The Craigs proceed with their divorce. Ecunema gets a new name.

6.15 (130), February 10, 1988 - "Fairytale Theater"
Phil returns from a training course at the Weigert home office. Someone takes a shot at Dr. Gideon. Craig loses Flash to a botched rescue attempt by animal activists. The new security cameras upset Rosenthal, who continues to lose control. Novino tries to correct a misdiagnosis made 60 years ago.

6.16 (131), February 17, 1988 - "Down and Out On Beacon Hill"
Fiscus can't understand a nihilistic cystic fibrosis patient and her punk friends. Gideon suspends Craig over the Spooner malpractice suit. Ehrlich and Lucy are unable to console each other when she miscarries. Rosenthal admits herself to the chemical dependency unit.

6.17 (132), April 20, 1988 - "Their Town"
Mark, Ellen, Lizzie and Novino drive to Peterborough, New Hampshire to visit Westphall on his birthday. Ellen tries to deal with the changes to her hometown. Novino stirs up conflict between a female contractor and her co-workers. Lizzie finally expresses her resentment. Craig almost destroys his friendship with Westphall when Donald makes a house call.

6.18 (133), April 27, 1988 - "The Naked Civil Surgeon"
Wade and Kiley lose their inhibitions during a study of OR infection vectors. Auschlander meets the son he never knew. Morrison and Novino grow closer as they work in the ICU. Rosenthal adjusts to life in the chemical dependency unit.

6.19 (134), May 4, 1988 - "Requiem For a Heavyweight"
Ehrlich stands up to Craig's verbal missiles. Griffin fails in an attempt to lend spiritual support. Axelrod collapses and faces emergency heart surgery. Rosenthal finds it hard to face her children during family therapy. Luther uses Penny's video equipment to snoop on Gideon.

6.20 (135), May 11, 1988 - "Split Decision"
Brett Johnston's parents visit. Rosenthal waits for her release while her roommate runs away. Luther proposes to Penny. Craig returns to work and plans an ambitious and risky multiple organ transplant.

6.21 (136), May 18, 1988 - "The Abby Singer Show"
An ebullient Novino pursues Morrison. Fiscus tries to revitalize his mother's life. Rosenthal returns to duty. Wade tries to help a dying child deal with her bitterly divided parents. Turner returns and helps Chandler make a decision about his future. The Oseranskys return to take Lucy, worried about her missing husband, to the 'Doctor of the Year' dinner, which gets interrupted by a fire.

6.22 (137), May 25, 1988 - "The Last One"
A plane crashes into the hospital. The Craig's reconciliation faces a major test when Ellen is offered a job in Cleveland. Auschlander and Gideon work together to save St. Eligius when Weigert decides to pull out. Novino pushes Morrison to decide between her and Joanne. Griffin places his future in God's hands. Ehrlich returns from his odyssey. Fiscus's last E.R. patient is an opera singer with laryngitis. The hospital is revealed to be a figment of Tommy Westphall's imagination.


This episode list is based on the guide produced by the late Donna Lemaster, (C) 1994-2001 Donna Lemaster and TVFan. The episode descriptions no longer appear at the link above, and have been somewhat faithfully (for seasons 2-6, anyway; season 1 is adapted from the DVD and IMDB) revived here. I plan to expand it further in the future.


  1. Great site, well done...St.Elsewhere is my all time favorite show and I can't believe I can buy the full seasons of Hazel or Leave It To Beaver but not this classic. It has to come down to money because I cannot envision anyone being that selfish or spiteful but who knows since this seems to be the case for many, if not, most of the MTM catalogue. What a shame. Season 1 came out in Nov. 2006 and nothing since. Hopefully, one day, they will come to their senses and treat this superb show with the respect it deserves and give it a fitting release on DVD. Again, great work by the webmaster, thanks.

  2. Thursday, November 26, 2020--1:36 pm CST

    I watch "St. Elsewhere on IMDb quite a bit. I have never watched it when it was a prime time show on NBC. If I did, I don't remember watching it.

  3. November 26, 2020--8:39 pm CST

    Right now, season one of "St, Elsewhere" that's available on DVD. I hope the other 5 seasons will be available someday.

    Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas)

  4. Very interesting site. I loved St Elsewhere and still lament some of the high quality stuff that you wouldn’t find these days. I loved the way some plot lines would be barely mentioned but then much later come to fruition, such as Helen’s drug problem. I think it’s be great to have a list of all the subsequent Oscar winners to pass through St Eligius, not just the obvious Denzel Washington, but Kathy Bates, Helen Hunt, Tim Robbins and more

  5. I’ve been watching the show on Hulu and all of a sudden, various episodes were pulled. Previously all episodes were available. Do you know why this occurred? In the final season they pulled the 2 episodes prior to the finale which is particularly annoying. Thanks. I am referring to your site to fill in the blanks as I watch season 5.

  6. Thanks for sharing that. I don't have access to Hulu right now, so I don't know anything about that.


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