On Call Newsletter

The St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club produced at least seven issues of the newsletter On Call in the nineties. I have reproduced them here. Thanks to Chris Otto, who provided me with copies of this newsletter.

This is the work of one of St. Elsewhere's most dedicated fans, James L. Longworth, Jr., who created these articles between 1997 and 1999.

On Call: The Official Newsletter of the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club

Volume one, number one - February 1997

Volume one, number two - July 1997

Volume one, number three - December 1997

Volume two, number one - March 1998

Volume two, number two - July 1998

Volume two, number three - December 1998

Volume three, number one - June 1999


  1. I am trying to find out the name of the song Howie Mandel was playing while (I think) he was doing an autopsy. I think it was something like Heartbeat or Heart Attack. Thanks for your time.

  2. Not sure which episode you're thinking of here, so I'll keep my eyes open. I know he gets in trouble in season six for goofing around in the morgue during an autopsy--in "Weigh In, Way Out", he's singing along to "Psycho Killer" on the radio when boss Dr. John Gideon walks in and scolds him. This prompts the legendary Goofy Glue prank.

  3. It was a talking heads song called Psyco killer.

  4. It was Psycho Killer by the talking heads.There first single.

  5. But of course it was not the real version.A cheap remake.You can find it any Talking Heads best of.Hope this helps.

  6. what kind of white coat is dr morrison wearing? been trying to find that at work.

    1. Just watched the "Pilot" episode again, and yes, that's a weird kind of lab coat that Jack is wearing. It looks like a hospital gown, with straps, but it's white like a lab coat. And it's definitely not like the coat that Cavanero wears. So I guess my answer is--I don't know!

  7. Thursday, November 26, 2020--11:46 am CST

    This whole article ought to be a book of the show.

    Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas)
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Thursday, April 8, 2021--11:41 am CST

    Let's wish William Daniels a Happy Belated 94th birthday.
    William Daniels turned 94 on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. That's what I meant to say.


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