On Call, Vol. 1 No. 2 - Addenda

This is here for the purpose of historical preservation and reference, and the information contained herein is long since obsolete. This appeared as the last page of Vol. 1 No. 1 of On Call, February 1997.


SEAC has only been actively recruiting members for a few months and, already, we have subscribers in ten states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Arizona, California, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia. Among those who have made donations to SEAC are SAGAN LEWIS and MARIE FONTANA (mother of Tom).

Thanks also to Jim Clark, president of THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW RERUN WATCHERS CLUB for plugging SEAC in The BULLET, and to Diane Albert for a mention in TV COLLECTOR MAGAZINE.

ST. ELSEWHERE videos are still available from Columbia House. Call 1-800-***-****

SEAC Memberships are still being offered for a donation of $10... back issues of ON CALL Number One are available for $5 plus shipping and handling.

Also our continued thanks to Nick at Nite's TV LAND for keeping ST. ELSEWHERE on their scheudle... 7am and 4pm weekdays, and 7am Saturdays.


  • Remembering ED FLANDERS
  • The St. Eligius set
  • Books on St. Elsewhere
  • Music from St. Elsewhere
  • News on a new series of collectors videos!!!

St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club
c/o Longworth Communications
11993 Johnson Road
Petersburg, Virginia 23805
Phone: ***-***-****
Fax: ***-***-****
e-mail: stelsewh@*******.***

*Original contact information removed by blog editor.

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