Tuesday, October 4, 2022

St. Elsewhere on the Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour

These were posted on YouTube late in 2021. This is St. Elsewhere week on the Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour, March 26-30, 1984. This short-lived game show featured a half-hour of Match Game followed by a half-hour of Hollywood Squares.

Howie Mandel, Nancy Stafford, Kim Miyori, Norman Lloyd, Terence Knox, Ellen Bry, and Eric Laneuville are the celebs of the week. That's the season two cast, before the grim reaper(s) came for a few of them.

Check it out!

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour #104:

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour #105:

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour #106:

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour #107:

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour #108:

By the way--to whoever is responsible for maintaining Blogger, your YouTube video search function wasn't working on my Chrome browser this morning.

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