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On Call, Vol. 2, No. 3 - Hospital Directory

From On Call: The Official Newsletter of the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club, volume 2, number 3, December, 1998.

As promised, ON CALL has compiled a list of folks who had anything to do with St. Elsewhere. Where possible, we have contacted crew members and performers to update their careers and/or credits. The first item of each entry refers to the person's position on St. Elsewhere. If you know of anyone we left out, please let us hear from you.*

(*From the Webmaster of The St. Elsewhere Experience: No, please don't.)

Ron ABBOTT ... Director, 5th season; "YOU AGAIN?" - Now President, The Abbott Group, Telemarketing Company.

Chad ALLEN ... Actor, Tommy Westphall - later on NBC's Our House, and Dr. Quinn; guest, NYPD Blue

Steve ALLEN ... Actor, portrayed Victor Ehrlich's father

William ALLEN ... Former CEO, MTM (son of Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows) - Director, Economic Alliance San Fernando Valley

Ted ALLEN ... Special Effects

T.J. ALLEN ... Switchboard Operator



John ASMAN ... Re-recording Sound Mixer - Emmy nominations: 1st season: "THE COUNT", 3rd season: "SWEET DREAMS"

Bill AYDELOTT ... Location Photographer (Boston) -  President, Top Bill Productions - Still has original St. Eligius logo letters

G.W. BAILEY ... Actor, Hugh Beale, Psychiatrist (1st season) - Formerly of M*A*S*H, also Jeff Foxworthy Show

Leslie BARTH ... Music Clearance

Bette BARTO ... Post-Production Coordinator

Robert BECKER ... Director - 4th season: "LOST AND FOUND IN SPACE" (deceased)

Susan BECTON ... Production Coordinator (4 seasons)

Ed BEGLEY, Jr. ... Actor, Dr. Victor Ehrlich - Six Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor - Formerly Room 222, My Three Sons, Greedy, The Late Shift - Animal rights and environmentalist supporter

Steve BELLO ... Writer/Story Editor - 3rd season Emmy nominated, "MURDER, SHE ROTE"

Kathy BENNETT ... Music Editor (6th season)

Joanne BERNSTEIN ... Production Secretary (to Bernie Oseransky)

Mel BINGHAM ... Transportation Captain (retired)

David BIRNEY ... Actor, Dr. Ben Samuels (1st season)

Cameron BIRNIE ... Art Director (6th season)

Ernie BISHOP ... Set Decorator - 1st season - "PILOT" - Emmy nomination

Ronald BLOCH ... Grip

Larry BLOUNTSTEIN ... Vice President, Public Relations, MTM

Eugene BLYTHE ... Casting (3rd season)

Jim BOWIE ... Electrician

Marilyn BRADFIELD, LVN ... Technical Advisor (1st season)

Joshua BRAND ... Writer/Co-Creator (1st season) - Co-Creator, I'll Fly Away, Northern Exposure

Chuck BRAVERMAN ... Director - 2nd season: "HEARING", 3rd season: "SAVING FACE"

Chris BROOKS ... Music Editor - Now Music Supervisor - Lethal Weapon series, Robin Hood, Mr. Holland's Opus, Why Do Fools Fall in Love? - Married to Patty Kudish

Patricia Suzanne BRUNER ... Set decorator - 2nd season: Emmy nomination

Ellen BRY ... Actress, Nurse Shirley Daniels (first three seasons) - Married to Producer/Writer JOHN MASIUS - Supporting role, Chicago Hope

Phil CAPLAN ... Camera Operator (6th season)

Daniel CARLIN ... Music Editor (3rd season)

Stanley CARR ... Casting Coordinator

Thomas CARTER ... Director - 1st season: "PILOT", "BYPASS", "SAMUELS AND THE KID", "LEGIONNAIRES" (parts 1 and 2), "TWEETY AND RALPH" - Formerly actor on The White Shadow - Directed Metro for Eddie Murphy - Emmy winner for Don King: Only in America

Jamie CAUDILLO ... Best Boy/Electrician

Leo CHAVEZ ... Key Grip (retired)

Oliver CLARK ... Actor, John Doe #6 (5th season)

Stephen COHEN, MD ... Medical Advisor (3rd season)

Jim COOPER ... Gaffer

Russell COOPER ... 2nd Assistant Director (5th season)

Christina COVINO ... Assistant to Producers

Ronny COX ... Actor, Dr. John Gideon (6th season) - Apples Way, From the Earth to the Moon, Deliverance, Beverly Hills Cop I & II

Mark R. CROOKSTON ... Sound Editor (4th-6th seasons) - Emmy-nominated, 4th season

Bonnie BARTLETT DANIELS ... Actress, Ellen Craig - 4th season Emmy winner Best Supporting Actress - 5th season Emmy winner Best Supporting Actress - 6th season Emmy-nominated - Formerly Little House on the Prairie - Ghosts of Mississippi, Primary Colors - Boy Meets World - Married to Bill Daniels

William DANIELS ... Actor, Dr. Mark Craig - 1st/2nd/5th seasons Emmy-nominated Best Actor - 3rd season Emmy winner Best Actor - 4th seasons Emmy winner Best Actor - 3rd season Directed "THE CHILDREN'S HOUR" - Formerly Captain Nice - The Graduate, 1776, The Parallax View - Boy Meets World - Married to Bonnie Bartlett

Stacey DASH ... Actress (Luther's girlfriend, 6th season) - Co-star, Clueless

Linda DAY ... Director - 2nd seasons: "A PIG TOO FAR", "ROUGH CUT"

Merv DAYAN ... Editor

Raymond DeLAURENTIS ... Production Assistant

Tony DIMASE ... Dolly grip - Currently Star Trek: Voyager

Charles DRAYMAN - Wardrobe - Emmy winner

Regis DUNN ... Gaffer

Reggie DUNN ... Extra, now Boom Operator, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Herb EDELMAN ... Actor, Richard Clarendon (deceased) - On-screen and off-screen soulmate to Christina Pickles

Charles (Chic) EGLEE ... Writer/Story Editor - 4th season: Emmy nominated "HAUNTED" - Now partner with Titanic's James Cameron to produce television programming

Shannon ELLIOT ... Craft Services

Don ERNST ... Sound Editor - 1st season: Emmy-nominated "WORKING" - Now Producer, Disney's Aladdin, Homeward Bound, Fantasia 2000

John FALSEY ... Writer/Co-Creator - I'll Fly Away, Northern Exposure

Cindy FINCH ... Assistant Editor

Sara FISCHER ... First Assistant Director - Now Assistant Program Director, SHOWTIME

Lynne FITZPATRICK ... Assistant Editor

Ed FLANDERS ... Actor, Dr. Donald Westphall (deceased) - 1st season: Emmy winner, Best Actor - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th seasons: Emmy-nominated - Tony winner, Moon for the Misbegotten - Emmy winner, Moon for the Misbegotten and Harry Truman: Plain Speaking - The Road Home, McArthur, The Ninth Configuration.

Paul FONTANA ... Props - Later Prelay Sound Operator, Dallas (13th season) - Post-Production Sound "DALLAS" (14th season) - Younger brother of Tom Fontana - Presently school teacher, New York City

Tom FONTANA ... Producer/Writer/Story Editor - 2nd season: Emmy winner "THE WOMEN", Emmy-nominated "ALL ABOUT EVE", "QUI TRANSULIT SUSTINET" - 3rd season: Emmy-nominated "MURDER, SHE ROTE", "SWEET DREAMS" - 4th season: Emmy winner "TIME HEALS" (parts 1 & 2), Emmy-nominated "HAUNTED" - 5th season: Emmy-nominated "AFTERLIFE" - 6th season: Emmy-nominated "THE LAST ONE" - Currently Executive Producer Homicide and Oz

Penny FRANKS ... Assistant to Producers

Michael FRESCO ... 1st Assistant Director, then Director - 5th season: "WOMEN UNCHAINED" - 6th season: "THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING BED", "FAIRYTALE THEATER", "THE NAKED CIVIL SURGEON" - Directed pilot for John Masius' Providence - Executive Producer, Murder One, Total Security

Peggy FURMAN ... Estimator

Stephen FURST ... Actor, Dr. Elliot Axelrod (2nd-6th seasons) - Delta House - Animal House, The Dream Team - Actor/Director, Babylon Five - Presently producing/directing feature films.

Dan GARDE ... Music Editor - 4th season: Emmy-nominated "TIME HEALS"

Steve GAUSCHE ... Dolly Grip

Margo GAWELKO ... Assistant Director

William GAZECKI ... Music Mixer - 4th season: Emmy winner "TIME HEALS" - Oscar Nominee, Waco: Rules of Engagement

Channing GIBSON ... Producer/Writer/Story Editor - 4th season: Emmy-nominated "HAUNTED" - 6th season: Emmy-nominated "THE LAST ONE" - Formerly of the Paltrow Group - Feature films: Lethal Weapon 4

Jonathan GLABHAN ... Production Assistant

Jerry GOLDING ... Sound Editor - 1st season: Emmy-nominated "WORKING"

Brenda GOOD ... Hairstylist (2nd season)

Nancy GOOD, MD ... Medical Advisor (4th season)

Pat GRANDE ... Construction Coordinator

Pamela GRANT ... 1st Assistant Director - Producer, Brian Benben Show

Janet GREEK ... Director, 3rd season: "GIVE THE BOY A HAND", "AMAZING FACE", "TEARS OF A CLOWN"

Bruce GREENWOOD ... Actor, Dr. Seth Griffin (5th, 6th seasons) - Later, Sleepwalkers, The Larry Sanders Show, Disturbing Behavior

Dave GRUSIN ... Music Composer - theme, and Pilot score - Feature Film Scoring, On Golden Pond, The Electric Horseman, Three Days of the Condor, The Firm

Michelle GUIOL ... Set Decorator, 1st season: Emmy-nominated, "PILOT"

Gloria GUNN ... Post-Production Assistant Supervisor

Judy GUNTER ... Stand-in - Rick Gunter's sister - Now Stand-in, Beverly Hills, 90210

Marvin GUNTER ... Director of Photography (1st-5th seasons) (retired)

Rick GUNTER ... Camera Operator (1st-5th seasons) - Director of Photography (6th season) - Director of Photography, Dallas (12th-14th seasons), Beverly Hills, 90210, The New Love Boat

Florence HALOP ... Actress, Mrs. Hufnagel (3rd seasons)

Wayne HARRIS ... Swing Gang

Eric HARRISON ... Costumer/Set

Mark HARMON ... Actor, Dr. Bobby Caldwell - Later, The Presidio, Chicago Hope

Merv HAWKINS ... Second Assistant Director

Helaine HEAD ... Director - 4th season: "CHEEK TO CHEEK" - 5th season: "ONCE UPON A MATTRESS", "RUSSIAN ROULETTE" - Director, Law and Order

John HEATH ... Editor/Director - 5th season: Emmy-nominated Editing "AFTER LIFE" - Directing: 5th season: "SLIP SLIDING AWAY" - 6th season: "CURTAINS", "SPLIT DECISION" - Producer/Director, Chicago Hope

Rodney HELZER ... Best Boy/Grip

Edward HERRMANN ... Actor, Father McCabe


Kevin HOOKS ... Director - 1st season: "FAMILY HISTORY", "THE COUNT" - 2nd season: "BLIZZARD", "ATTACK" - Former Actor, The White Shadow - Presently directing feature films (Black Dog)

Andrea HORTA ... Sound Editor, 4th season: Emmy-nominated

Sam HORTA ... Supervising Sound Editor, 1st season: Emmy-nominated

Howie HOROWITZ ... 2nd Assistant Director/1st Assistant Director - Later, 1st Assistant Director, Slap Maxwell, China Beach - Married to Suzie Sax

Victor HSU - Director, 1st season: "RAIN", "BARON VON MUNCHAUSEN"

James HULSEY ... Art Director, 1st season: Emmy-nominated

Carol HYBL ... Women's Costumer (1st season)

Lona Mardock JEFFERS ... Head of Make-up

Lynn JONES ... Assistant to Abby Singer

Buzzy JOACHIN ... Grip - Now Key Grip - Married to Barbara Krause

Constance KAZMER ... Sound Editor, 4th season: Emmy-nominated

Dennis KIRKPATRICK ... Boom Operator

Bob KLOSTERMAN ... Former President, MTM

Eileen KNIGHT ... Casting (1st season)

Terry KNOX ... Actor, Dr. Peter White (1st-3rd seasons) - Later, The Road Home

Michael KNUE ... Editor

Maryann KOHLER ... Casting Coordinator.

Katherine KOTARAKOS ... Hairstylist

Connie KRAMER ... Sound Editor, 1st season: Emmy-nominated

Barbara KRAUSE, R.N. ... Technical Advisor (2nd-6th seasons) - Married to Buzzy Joachin

Gary KRIVACEK ... Sound Editor - 1st seasons: Emmy-nominated

Lou KUKICH ... Electrician

Patty KUDISH ... Assistant Editor to Bob Seppey - Now housewife, mother, married to Chris Brooks

Eileen KURTZ ... Publicity - Now Media Relations, ABC

Chris LAMENTIA ... Assistant to Producers

Eric LANEUVILLE ... Actor, Luther Hawkins - Director, 2nd season: "AFTER DARK" - 3rd season: "BREATHLESS", "UP ON THE ROOF", "RED, WHITE, BLACK AND BLUE", - 4th season: "SLICE O' LIFE", "CLOSE ENCOUNTERS", "SANCTUARY", "OUT ON A LIMB", - 5th season: "A ROOM WITH A VIEW", "LOST WEEKEND", "VISITING DAZE", "JOSE, CAN YOU SEE?", "RITES OF PASSAGE", "LAST DANCE AT THE WRECKER'S BALL" - 6th season: "EWE CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN", "NO CHEMO, SABE?" "DOWN AND OUT ON BEACON HILL", "THE ABBY SINGER SHOW" - Formerly co-starred, Room 222 - Directed Pandora's Clock - creative Consultant/Director, Rescue Eight

Steve LAWSON ... Story Editor

Sagan LEWIS ... Actress, Dr. Jacqueline Wade - Formerly married to Tom Fontana - Guest star, Homicide

Kelly Morris LINDQUIST ... Costumer/Set

Norman LLOYD ... Actor, Dr. Daniel Auschlander - Credits: Associate Producer/Director, Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Feature films: Saboteur, Dead Poets Society - Television: Home Fires, Seven Days (UPN)

Victor LOBL ... Director - 1st season: "GRAVEYARD", "RELEASE", "DOG DAY AFTERNOON", "CRAIG IN LOVE" - 2nd season: "QUI TRANSTULIT SUSTINET", "AIDS AND COMFORT" - later Touched by an Angel - Formerly married to Christina Pickles

Scott LONDON - Assistant Property Master

William MAGEE ... Editor

Andrew MacDONALD ... Effects Mixer, 4th season: "TIME HEALS"

Brian McPHERSON ... 2nd Assistant Cameraman (son of John) - Now, Technician, PANAVISION.

John McPHERSON ... Directory of Photography (1st half of first season) - Now Executive Producer, Seven Days

Grace McKEANEY ... Story Editor

Howie MANDEL ... Actor, Dr. Wayne Fiscus - Creator, Bobby's World - Host, The Howie Mandel Show

Brian MARS ... Sound Editor - 4th season, Emmy-nominated

Julie MARTIN ... Assistant to Producers - Supervising Producer, Homicide

John MASIUS ... Producer/Writer/Story Editor - 2nd season: Emmy winner "THE WOMEN", Nominated: "ALL ABOUT EVE", "QUI TRANSULIT SUSTINET" - 3rd season: Emmy-nominated "SWEET DREAMS", "MURDER, SHE ROTE", - 4th season: Emmy winner "TIME HEALS", Nominated: "HAUNTED" - 5th season: Emmy-nominated "AFTERLIFE" - Producer, L.A. Law (after 6th season), Touched by an Angel, Visitor, Providence (pilot) - Ellen Bry

Tim MATHESON ... Director, 2nd season: "CRAMMING" - Actor/Director, various TV movies

Jon MAYO ... Utility Sound Technician

Jayne MEADOWS ... Actress - played Victor Ehrlich's mother

Bruce MECCHI ... Swing Gang

Peter MEDAK ... Director - 5th season: "COLD WAR"

Nicholas MELE ... Director - 4th season: "THE BOOM BOOM WOMB"

Steve MILKIS ... Associate Producer

Kim MIYORI ... Actress, Dr. Wendy Armstrong (1st & 2nd seasons) - Metro

Bill MOLLOY ... Director - 6th season: "REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT"

Bob MOORE ... Men's Costumer - 4th season: Emmy-nominated "TIME HEALS"

Rob MORET ... 1st Assistant Cameraman

David MORSE ... Actor, Dr. Jack Morrison - Director, 6th season: "HANDOFF", "A COUPLA WHITE DUMMIES SITTING AROUND TALKING" - Feature films: The Rock, The Negotiator

Susan Smith NASHOLD ... Women's Costume Supervisor, 4th season Emmy winner "TIME HEALS"

Bill NICHOLSON ... Sound Crew Chief/Mixing - 1st season Emmy nominated "THE COUNT" - 3rd season Emmy-nominated "SWEET DREAMS" - 4th season Emmy winner "TIME HEALS"

France NUYEN ... Actress, Dr. Paulette Kiem (5th, 6th seasons) - The Joy Luck Club, A Smile Like Yours

Mark OLIVER ... Electrician

Kathy O'REAR ... Costumes - 4th season: Emmy winner "TIME HEALS"

Bernie OSERANSKY ... Executive in Charge of Production, MTM (Retired)

Bob OSTERMAN ... Make-Up

Eric OVERMYER ... Story Editor/Writer - Currently, Homicide

Tony PALMIERE ... MTM Production

Bruce PALTROW ... Executive Producer, also Director - 1st season: "MONDAY, TUESDAY, SVEN'S DAY", "WORKING" - 2nd season: "TIES THAT BIND", "A WING AND A PRAYER", "THE WOMEN" - 3rd season: "PLAYING GOD (Parts 1 and 2)", "GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN", "CHEERS" - 4th season: "REMEMBRANCES OF THINGS PAST", "FAMILY AFFAIR" - 5th season: "WHERE THERE'S HOPE, THERE'S CROSBY", "GOOD VIBRATIONS" - 6th season: "RESURRECTION", Emmy-nominated teleplay "THE LAST ONE" - Series nominated all six years - Formerly Executive Producer, The White Shadow - Created The Paltrow Group (Tattingers, Home Fries, The Road Home)

Leo PENN ... Director (deceased) - 3rd season: "ANY PORTRAIT IN A STORM" - 4th season: "THE NAKED AND THE DEAD", "SANTA CLAUS IS DEAD"

Jack PHILBRICK ... First Assistant Director - Now, Unit Production Manager, Total Security

Cindy PICKETT ... Acrtress, Dr. Carol Novino (5th, 6th seasons)

Christina PICKLES ... Actress, Nurse Helen Rosenthal - Five times Emmy-nominated Best Supporting Actress (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th seasons) - Recurring role, Friends - Legends of the Fall, Romeo and Juliet, Grace of My Heart, The Wedding Singer

Ken POLK ... Re-recording Mixer - 1st season Emmy-nominated, "THE COUNT" - 3rd season Emmy-nominated, "SWEET DREAMS"

Arthur PRICE ... Former President, MTM

David PRICE ... Swing Gang

Steve PRICE ... Stand-in (deceased) - brother of Howie Horowitz

Willis RALSTON ... Craft Services

Steve RANDOLPH ... 1st Assistant Cameraman - Now Director of Photography, Beverly Hills, 90210

Don RANSOM ... Electrician

Joe RAVETZ ... Editor

Kavi RAZ ... Actor, Dr. V.J. Kochar (1st & 2nd seasons)

J.A.C. REDFORD ... Musical Composer - 2nd season Emmy-nominated, "IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH" - 3rd season: Emmy-nominated, "FADE TO WHITE" - Now, President, PDS Music - Scoring, What the Deaf Man Heard"

Carleton REYNOLDS ... Set Designer

Ted RICH ... Vice President, Post-Production

Norman ROCKETT ... Set Decorator (3rd-6th seasons) (deceased) - 4th season: Emmy-winner "TIME HEALS"

Bethany ROONEY ... Associate Producer/Director (formerly Beth Hillshafer) - Director - 4th season: "WATCH THE SKIES", "BLACK'S MAGIC" - 5th season: "BRAND NEW BAG" - 6th season: "FINAL CUT" - Directing credits: Touched By an Angel, Dr. Quinn

John ROBINSON, III ... Sound Editor - 4th season: Emmy-nominated

Steve ROSTINE ... Set Decorator/Lead Man

Dave RUPEL ... Production Assistant

Paul SAND ... Actor, Dr. Michael Ridley (2nd season)

Jennifer SAVIDGE ... Actress, Nurse Lucy Papandrao - Significant Others, Pandora's Clock

Suzie SAX ... Stand-in - Now, Script Supervisor, NYPD Blue (6 seasons) - Credits: Young Riders, Parenthood, Leave It to Beaver - wife of Howie Horowitz

Renate SCHNEUER ... Script Supervisor (6th season)

Richard SCHOR ... 1st Assistant Director

Mike SCHORR ... Special Effects

Bob SEPPEY ... Editor

Lorraine SHAW ... Production Coordinator

Cynthia SIKES ... Actress, Dr. Annie Cavanero (1st - 3rd seasons) - Love Hurts - Producer, Sins of Silence (CBS) - Married to Producer, Bud Yorkin

Abby SINGER ... Coordinating Producer, Executive in Charge of Production

Emile SMALL ... Writer - 2nd season: Emmy nomination "NEWHEART"

Timmy SOLOMAN ... Sound (1st season)

Paul SNIDER ... Second Assistant Director - Credits: 2nd Assistant Director, Dallas, 1981-1983 - Now, Assistant Director, Charmed

Kevin SPEARS ... Sound Editor - 4th season: Emmy-nominated

Cliff SPERRY ... Dolly Grip - Now, The New Love Boat

Steve SPIKER ... Casting Services

Nancy STAFFORD ... Actress, Joan Halloran (2nd season) - Later, Matlock


Douglas STEINBERG ... Sound Editor

Garn STEPHENS ... Writer, 2nd season: Emmy-nominated, "NEWHEART"

Byron STEWART ... Actor, Warren Coolidge (3rd-6th seasons) - Appeared on The White Shadow - Only Paltrow character to play same role on two series

Richard STONE ... Music Editor

Scotty SULLIVAN ... Stand-in

Margaret TARY ... Script Supervisor - 3rd season - Murder One, Total Security

Kate TILLEY ... Unit Production Manager (1st season)/Assistant Director

Grant TINKER ... President, MTM (1970-1981) - President Programming/Chairman, NBC (1981-1988)

John TINKER ... Writer/Story Editor (seasons 1-5) - Producer (season 6) - 2nd season: Emmy-nominated "QUI TRANSTULIT SUSTINET" - 4th season: Emmy-nominated, "HAUNTED", Emmy winner, "TIME HEALS" - 5th season: Emmy-nominated, "AFTERLIFE" - 6th season: Emmy-nominated, "THE LAST ONE" - Producer, L.A. Law (after 6th season) - Executive Producer, Chicago Hope

Mark TINKER ... Production Supervisor, also Director - 1st season: "DOWN'S SYNDROME", "CORA AND ARNIE", "HEARTS", "REMISSION", "BROTHERS", "ADDICTION" - 2nd season: "LUST ET VERITAS", "NEWHEART", "ENTRAPMENT", "IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH", "VANITY", "HELLO GOODBYE" - 3rd season: "STRIKE OUT", "MY AIM IS TRUE", "SWEET DREAMS", "DR. WYLER, I PRESUME", "BYE GEORGE", "MURDER, SHE ROTE" - 4th season: "FATHERS AND SONS", "HAUNTED", "LOSS OF POWER", "TO TELL THE TRUTH", "FAMILY FEUD", "TIME HEALS (parts 1 and 2)", "THE EQUALIZER", "E.R." - 5th season: "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR", "YOU BETA YOUR LIFE", "UP AND DOWN", "AFTERLIFE" - 6th season: "THE IDIOT AND THE ODYSSEY", "A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN", "WEIGH IN, WAY OUT" (Emmy winner), "HEAVEN'S SKATE", "THEIR TOWN", "THE LAST ONE" - 2nd season: Emmy-nominated teleplay, "QUI TRANSTULIT SUSTINET" - Producer/Director, NYPD Blue - Emmy Winner, 1997 - Direcor, Brooklyn South - Emmy winner, 1998

Delree TODD ... Hairstylist (1st season)

Lou TUKISH ... Electrician

Dean VERNON ... Sound Mixer - 2nd season: Emmy-nominated - 3rd season: Emmy-nominated

R.J. VISCIGLIA ... Prop Master/Associate Producer (3rd-6th seasons) - Now Executive Producer, Touched By an Angel

Denzel WASHINGTON ... Actor, Dr. Phillip Chandler - Glory (Academy Award, Best Supporting Actor), Crimson Tide, Malcolm X, The Pelican Brief, Courage Under Fire, The Preacher's Wife, Fallen, He Got Game

Jacqueline WEBBER ... Art Director (deceased) - 1st and 2nd seasons: Emmy-nominated - 4th season: Emmy winner, "TIME HEALS"

Norman WEBSTER ... Sound Mixer

Warren WELCH ... Director, Production Services, MTM (1980-1990)

Carla WHALEN ... Accounting Department, MTM

Barbara WHINNERY ...Actress, Dr. Cathy Martin (1st-4th seasons)

Jim WHITE ... Assistant Editor

Linlee WHITE ... Hairstylist (3rd season)

Kristine WHITMORE, MD ... Medical Advisor (1st season)

Blake WILCOX ... Sound - 4th season: Emmy winner, "TIME HEALS"

Marion WILSON ... Receptionist

Marie WILSON ... Estimator, MTM

Ann WINDSOR ... Costumes - Emmy winner

Geri WINDSOR ... Vice President in charge of Talent (3rd-6th seasons)

Alfre WOODARD ... Actress, Dr. Roxanne Turner (Regular 4th-5th seasons) - 4th season: Emmy-nominated Best Actress - 6th season: Emmy-nominated Guest Performer - Reprised role as Roxanne on Homicide - 1988 Emmy winner, L.A. Law (Guest Performer) - Star Trek, Primal Fear

Lydia WOODWARD ... Story Editor

Russ WOOLEY ... Electrician

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