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On Call, Vol. 1, No. 2 - Updating Charts: News of Cast and Crew

From On Call: The Official Newsletter of the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club, July 1997, volume 1, number 2.

Stephen Furst
ED BEGLEY, JR.... appeared in Bruce Paltrow's pilot for the TV series of Fargo.

TOM FONTANA... has produced a new series for HBO. The drama titled Oz premiered in July and is co-produced by Barry Levinson.

STEPHEN FURST... (now slim, trim, and healthy) will be producing and directing 30 Day Wonder, a drama/comedy. He will also continue to guest star on and direct episodes of Babylon 5.

BRUCE GREENWOOD... will appear in NBC's new series Sleepwalkers. Bruce can also be seen in reruns of The Larry Sanders Show.

SAGAN LEWIS... now residing in Arizona, Sagan has been playing the role of full-time Mom for the past few years. She is ready to make a return to acting and prefers television to stage.

HOWIE MANDEL... will host his own syndicated talk show in 1998 for Paramount. This past April, Howie also appeared in his tenth HBO special, and he is working on another animated series for Fox titled Ernest, about one of Santa's elves.

JOHN MASIUS... has been overseeing the highly successful CBS series Touched By an Angel, and will produce a new series this Fall titled Visitors.

BRUCE PALTROW... produced a television pilot based on the movie Fargo. He is also planning to direct a trilogy of short films titled Duets with daughter Gwyneth and Brad Pitt to star. Despite the break-up of Pitt and Paltrow, the project is slated to start filming in September. Apparently, Gwyneth thinks the opportunity to work with dad is long overdue and was quoted as saying "I always used to beg him (Dad) to let me be on St. Elsewhere, but he never would." Duets would be the first time Bruce and Gwyneth ever worked together.

CHRISTINA PICKLES... appeared earlier this year in HBO's Weapons of Mass Distraction, and is spending part of the summer in Paris on re-writes for a dramatic screenplay.

CYNTHIA SIKES... will make an appearance in Robert Redford's new film, The Horse Whisperer, due out this Christmas.

MARK TINKER... produced a pilot earlier this year for a new television series titled Brooklyn South.

BARBARA WHINNERY... showed up earlier this year on General Hospital in a cameo (she did not work in the morgue).

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