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On Call, Vol. 1, No. 1 - Updating Charts: News of Cast and Crew

From On Call: The Official Newsletter of the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club, February 1997, volume 1, number 1.

CHAD ALLEN ... continues in his role as Matthew Cooper on CBS's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

G.W. BAILEY ... is a regular on NBC's The Jeff Foxworthy Show. Bailey, who played St. Eligius psychiatrist Hugh Beale, portrays Foxworthy's father on the series.

ED BEGLEY, Jr. ... has been filming a motion picture titled Gun with Daniel Stern and Kathy Baker. He still says active in theater, last year appearing in Mamet's Cryptogram at New York's Westside Theater. Recently Ed was given two different motion picture comedy scripts to review as possible directorial projects.

THOMAS CARTER ... who starred in The White Shadow and directed for St. Elsewhere, recently directed Eddie Murphy in the motion picture Metro.

WILLIAM DANIELS ... continues his role as George Feeney on ABC-TV's Boy Meets World.

TOM FONTANA ... former writer/producer for St. Elsewhere, Tom is Executive Producer for NBC-TV's Homicide series.

STEPHEN FURST ... is a regular on Babylon Five, a syndicated series for the Warner Brothers Network. Furst plays Vir, an assistant to a Centauri diplomat. Stephen also directs episodes of Babylon Five, and later this year he will direct Mascot, a family film about minor league baseball.

BRUCE GREENWOOD ... portrayed an attorney in a recent ABC-TV movie Tell Me No Secrets.

MARK HARMON ... is in his second seasson as a regular on CBS-TV's medical drama, Chicago Hope. He plays Dr. Jack McNeil, an orthopedic surgeon with a gambling problem.

ERIC LANEUVILLE ... who began his career on Room 222 in the 1960s, and played Luther on St. Elsewhere, is now an accomplished film director. He recently directed the thriller Pandora's Clock for NBC.

HOWIE MANDEL ... can still be seen in his own Showtime specials Sunny Skies, one of which repeated in January and starred Stephen Furst.

DAVID MORSE ... His new movie How I Learned to Drive with Mary Louise Parker is due out March 16th. He will also appear in Murder Live for NBC.

CINDY PICKETT ... was recently seen in the NBC movie Secret.

CHRISTINA PICKLES ... has been active in films the last few years including roles in Romeo and Juliet and Grace of My Heart. Christina also has a recurring role on NBC-TV's Friends.

JENNIFER SAVIDGE .. starred in the NBC blockbuster mini-series Pandora's Clock and has recently been appearing on the L.A. stage with Bernie ("The Love Boat") Kopell in Rumors.

CYNTHIA SIKES ... after taking time off to be a full-time mom, Cynthia is refocusing on her career. Last year she produced Sins of Silence for CBS. Currently, Cynthia is preparing a club-style act which will showcase her considerable skill as a singer.

JOHN TINKER ... one of St. Elsewhere's brilliant writers, John is Executive Producer of CBS-TV's Chicago Hope.

MARK TINKER .. veteran St. Elsewhere producer, Mark is the Executive Producer for ABC-TV's hit series NYPD Blue. Mark, a graduate of Syracuse University, donated an entire set of St. Elsewhere episodes to his alma mater.

DENZEL WASHINGTON ... just picked up another NAACP Image Award... this time for Best Actor in the motion picture Courage Under Fire. He has just completed filming of Fallen.

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