Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adding Photos to Old Posts

It looks like I'm going to be adding images to old posts.
Judging by hair, I'd say this one's from
the first half of season four.

I didn't have screen-capture capabilities when I started this blog, so most of my early posts are just plain text. Since then, I've enjoyed the challenge of finding a good freeze frame to capture. It's also an editorial question to decide which images to represent the post and what to write about them, and I enjoy making those judgments, odd as they can turn out sometimes.

I have recently added images to "Daniel Auschlander's Season-Long Slide" and "'Good Vibrations' -- The Dramatic Clip Show Episode". Adding images is a good fit for me right now. I'm going to be too busy to write a full post for a while. Though I do have some in mind.

Update, August 29, 2012: Images added to "New York Times Article on the VHS Boxed Set", "New York Times Article About the First Ones", and "The St. Elsewhere Time Frame". And this one.

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