Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Work on the Cast Page

I managed to do some drudge work this weekend... I knew it was going to be a big pain in the ass, but I finally bit the bullet and added the necessary code to set up tables to house the future images on the "Cast" page. That required an awful lot of repetitive, meticulous work to make sure that the code was accurate and tidy, but fortunately, I'm good at slogging away at such tasks.

There are a bunch of new images there, and even if the additions and modifications aren't dramatically new and special, it still brings me pleasure to look at the fruits of my labour. The other neat thing I discovered was that you can easily create a custom "favicon", which is the little logo that appears in the title bar of your browser next to the page title (at least on Chrome and Firefox). I wanted something simple, distinctive and iconic, so I went with a capture of the face of  Mimsie the MTM cat in surgical scrubs.

As always, there are a few posts in the works. Also--the 30th anniversary of St. Elsewhere's debut is coming up, on October 26.

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