Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Season 2 Episode of St. Elsewhere to Watch for Free

Our friends in Europe come through again... The same YouTube channel that houses the first two episodes of season two are also featuring the episode six from season two, "Under Pressure". This is a favorite of mine, as it marks the first appearance of Mr. Entertainment (Austin Pendleton), the singing janitor, and psychiatrist Dr. Michael Ridley (Paul Sand).

Also in this episode: "The Troubles" come to St. Eligius in the form of young Irish patient Eddie Carson (Eric Stoltz); Nurse Rosenthal (Christina Pickles) gets arrested the day before her breast reconstruction surgery; Eve Leighton (Marian Mercer) recovers from her heart transplant surgery; Dr. Craig (William Daniels) has a secret admirer and security threats; Dr. Westphall (Ed Flanders) is tough to be around.

Enjoy it while it lasts! Thanks to jalplaj.

Update, June 24, 2013: The channel's gone, and the videos along with it. It was fun while it lasted.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Guys,
    I have been trying to get St' Elsewhere series 2-6 for years. I was finally successfull through Torrent Hound. You can download the whole thing, without nasties, in good condition. Great show. Shame that the recalcitrance of Fox forces people like me to download this great show.


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