Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Interviews with St. Elsewhere Creator Joshua Brand

From TelevisionAcademy.com's interview on YouTube, here are two clips of Creator Joshua Brand discussing St. Elsewhere.

Though they didn't remain with the series very long, St. Elsewhere was created by the writing team of Joshua Brand and John Falsey, who would later go on to success with the quirky comedy-drama, Northern Exposure. Before the end of season one, the duo had been saddled with the nicknames, "Dr. Death and Mr. Depression," and were no longer involved with the show's production.

In the first clip below, Joshua Brand tells the story of how St. Elsewhere came to be. In the second clip, he explains why his involvement in the show was short-lived.

Joshua Brand on Creating "St. Elsewhere":

Joshua Brand on Why He Left "St. Elsewhere":

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