Saturday, October 12, 2019

Interview with Kim Miyori

An interview with Kim Miyori, who played Dr. Wendy Armstrong on seasons one and two of St. Elsewhere.

Kim Miyori on People Now with Bill Tush in 1983.
I found this clip on YouTube the other day. It's an interview with Kim Miyori from a talk show called People Now, hosted by former TBS and CNN entertainment reporter Bill Tush. The interview took place in between seasons one and two, after the show had been saved from cancellation. Miyori also discusses her guest appearance with Tom Selleck on an episode of Magnum P.I.

The YouTube clip, from a VHS tape, fast forwards through the clip from "Family History", which was the first episode that featured Wendy. I presume it was because clips from season one aren't allowed on YouTube due to copyright restrictions.

Some interesting tidbits from the interview:
  • The producers thought Kim Miyori was "too pretty" for the part, so she attended her final reading without makeup and wearing glasses.
  • Miyori aspired to become a doctor, but pursued acting instead.
  • Wendy's story in "Family History" involved her diagnosing a patient with Gaucher's Disease, a rare genetic disorder mostly found among Ashkenazi Jews. This led to a viewer discovering the cause of her grandson's undiagnosed bleeding disorder.

Here's the clip:

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