Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day"

Description: Further racial violence in resonse to a recent beating has the ER flooded with fighting patients. A prostitute in for an appendectomy has a steady stream of well-wishers. Craig throws a party for a visiting surgeon, forcing Ehrlich to scramble for a date. White's wife wants money for an abortion. Morrison discovers the truth about the beating that sparked the violence.


Ed Flanders as Dr. Donald Westphall
David Birney as Dr. Ben Samuels

Also Starring (in alphabetical order)
G.W. Bailey as Dr. Hugh Beale
Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Terence Knox as Dr. Peter White
Howie Mandel as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
David Morse as Dr. Jack Morrison
Christina Pickles as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Kavi Raz as Dr. Vijay Kochar
Cynthia Sikes as Dr. Annie Cavanero
Denzel Washington as Dr. Philip Chandler

and Starring
William Daniels as Dr. Mark Craig

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