Monday, November 19, 2012

More 30th Anniversary Wishes for St. Elsewhere from Papergreat

Papergreat now has three posts on St. Elsewhere, author Chris Otto's all-time favorite show.

Photo courtesy of Papergreat. Is that from a TV Guide?
Chris Otto's post on the 29th anniversary of St. Elsewhere was the seventh post I did on this blog. I'm pleased to report that he posted a follow-up this past October 26. Otto shares this photo, from the season four episode "Haunted", and in lieu of a long post, he lists some cool resources from around the web, including the news coverage from EW, GMA, and a certain blog that has been "going strong since May". Thank you, Chris, for the shout out.

Otto also posted about Edward Copeland's three-part retrospective at IndieWire's PressPlay. Like I did, he also listed what was new to him. Like he, I also love the Hufnagel-Westphall conversation.

I think that just about wraps it up for the anniversary coverage. It's been exciting for a fan like me to see retrospectives of various sizes and formats. It will be interesting to see what kind of profile the show has when it turns forty.

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  1. Edward: Thank you very much for linking to my posts on Papergreat! You have a terrific website here and it's neat to see all the continuing devotion to St. Elsewhere. The Caldwell/Fiscus photo here is scanned from a magazine -- the July 1996 issue of Television Chronicles. ... I would be more than happy to send you photocopies of that article and of all the St. Elsewhere Appreciation Club newsletters that I have. You can email me at with your mailing address. All the best, and Happy Thanksgiving! -- Chris


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