Monday, November 5, 2012

Slideshow: "Then & Now: The Good Doctors of St. Elsewhere"

Courtesy of Fox News and Snakkle, here's a slideshow catching up with 22 members of St. Elsewhere's cast.
Mark Harmon, 1983 and today. The Magnum stache
didn't last long.

Sorry for the delay in publishing the latest on the web on St. Elsewhere; I've been waylaid by illness. This piece ran on October 22 on Titled "Then & Now: The good doctors of St. Elsewhere", the article features a slideshow with side-by-side then-and-now photographs of several of the cast. The piece is a re-work of this "Hot Gallery" at, "Looking Back at the Stars of St. Elsewhere, Some of the Most Beloved Doctors in TV History", from October 16.

The slideshow pulls out just the vintage and recent photos of Mark Harmon, Denzel Washington and Howie Mandel, while the complete piece features eleven actors from the series: Bonnie Bartlett, Christina Pickles, David Birney, David Morse, Washington, Ed Begley Jr., Ed Flanders, Mandel, Harmon, Norman Lloyd, and William Daniels. Each of the actors gets two slides; clicking on the links in the previous sentences will take you to the first of the two pages for that actor.

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