Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Replica St. Eligius Snow Globe

The Queen Of Snow Globes has created a replica of the snow globe from the series finale.

The Queen of Snow Globes's
stunning replica of the
legendary series finale
Thanks to Jim Mitchell for this tip... Leah Andrews, the Queen of Snow Globes, has described a custom snow globe project that was requested of her: a reproduction of the snow globe from the final scene of St. Elsewhere's series finale.

Follow the link above to read about her process for creating the snow globe. The video link in the article was to my YouTube video of the final scene, which perished along with the rest of the videos in my channel. As you may know, the final scene of St. Elsewhere depicts autistic child Tommy Westphall staring into a snow globe containing the St. Eligius hospital building, and it is suggested that the entire series was a figment of Tommy's imagination as he spent his days staring into the globe.

Want one for yourself? According to her comment at the bottom of the post, the Queen of Snow Globes can duplicate her work on this gem as a custom project for $1000 USD.


  1. I would love one if these. Can more be made?- Martin Karamon

  2. Hello. I was recalling the final episode of St. Elsewhere in the snow globe and wondered if anyone made one to sell commercially. Your custom-made one (for US $1,000) came up in my Internet search. My big question is: does it come with a music box that plays a portion of the St. Elsewhere theme by Dave Gruisin? If so, I’d be open to ordering one. Please let me know on this.

    1. You'd have to contact The Queen of Snow Globes herself. I just reported on the link. Cheers!


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