Thursday, January 31, 2019

Original Closing Credits From the Series Finale

A clip of the original credits from the series finale, with Mimsie the Cat on life support.

Mimsie the Cat has seen better days.
St. Elsewhere was known for its occasionally morbid sense of humor, and they pulled no punches when it came to the closing credits for the series finale, "The Last One". Under normal circumstances, the credits appeared over an image of a surgical team at work (I believe the shot is from the pilot episode). Following the credits, the MTM Productions card appeared, a spoof of the MGM "lion" logo, with the lion replaced by a clip of a meowing orange kitten named Mimsie. (For St. Elsewhere, Mimsie was outfitted in surgical scrubs. Mimsie wore a policeman's cap at the end of Hill Street Blues, and meowed in the droll voice of Bob Newhart at the end of Newhart. There were other versions as well.)

For "The Last One", the surgery picture was replaced with an image of Mimsie lying unconscious, hooked up to a beeping heart monitor, and as the credits end, the beeping changes to a flatline. After killing off patients and doctors alike for six seasons of St. Elsewhere, they killed off Mimsie the MTM cat.

Here's a YouTube clip of the original closing credits from "The Last One", without the NBC announcer. From what I've heard, the Hulu version does not include this special credits sequence. So enjoy it here!


  1. Mimsie the Cat ended up dying for real shortly after the episode aired.

  2. rip mimsie the cat

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  4. The dream ended in 1988, Mimsie the cat died.


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