Friday, February 1, 2019

R.I.P. John Falsey, St. Elsewhere Co-Creator

The Co-Creator of St. Elsewhere and other shows has passed away at age 67.

Just came across this bit of news from a few weeks ago... John Falsey, who created St. Elsewhere with writing partner Joshua Brand, died at the age of 67 on January 3. According to Variety he died of complications of a head injury resulting from a fall in his home.

The Variety profile provides a summary of his career. He met Brand as a writer on Bruce Paltrow's MTM series, The White Shadow, and was recruited by Brand to work on his hospital drama idea which became St. Elsewhere, which was based on Brand's experience at the Cleveland Clinic. Brand and Falsey served as show-runners on season one of St. Elsewhere, but were dismissed before the season concluded. They had earned the nicknames, "Dr. Death and Mr. Depression".

Brand and Falsey went on to create more series and win Emmys, including A Year In The Life, Northern Exposure, and I'll Fly Away. Falsey was set to serve as Executive Producer on a reboot of Northern Exposure, which was announced in November.

Variety: John Falsey, 'St. Elsewhere' and 'Northern Exposure' Co-Creator, Dies at 67

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