Monday, February 11, 2019

"The Naked Civil Surgeon"

Description: Wade and Kiley lose their inhibitions during a study of OR infection vectors. Auschlander meets the son he never knew. Morrison and Novino grow closer as they work in the ICU. Rosenthal adjusts to life in the chemical dependency unit.

Originally aired April 27, 1988.


William Daniels as Dr. Mark Craig
Norman Lloyd as Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Ronny Cox as Dr. John Gideon

Also Starring (in alphabetical order)
Bonnie Bartlett as Ellen Craig
Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Stephen Furst as Dr. Elliott Axelrod
Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Seth Griffin
Eric Laneuville as Luther Hawkins
Sagan Lewis as Dr. Jacqueline Wade
Howie Mandel as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
David Morse as Dr. Jack Morrison
France Nuyen as Dr. Paulette Kiem
Cindy Pickett as Dr. Carol Novino
Christina Pickles as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Jennifer Savidge as Nurse Lucy Papandrao
Denzel Washington as Dr. Philip Chandler

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1 comment:

  1. I'm currently watching this episode right now on hulu. There is a weird uneasiness to this episode I can't put my finger on. But not in a bad way. I'm going to miss this show when I finish it. Probably today or tomorrow. I don't think it will be long before I rewatch it.

    It's funny, when I was a kid, and my parents let me stay up late... I HATED this show when they were watching it. I thought it was so boring. Now that I'm actually watching it through, 35 years after it ended, as an adult, it's fast become one of my favorite shows.


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