Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Time Heals (Part 1)"

Description: St. Eligius's 50th anniversary spurs memories, including its opening in 1935 under the leadership of Father Joseph McCabe, the arrival of recently emigrated Helen Rosenthal, Craig's return as Chief of Surgery after being passed over at Boston General, Craig's first bypass surgery on Patrick O'Casey, and the death of Maureen Westphall. Morrison struggles to diagnose a patient experiencing temporary paralysis. A kidnapper walks off with Pete.

Originally aired February 19, 1986.


Ed Flanders as Dr. Donald Westphall
Norman Lloyd as Dr. Daniel Auschlander

Also Starring (in alphabetical order)
Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr. Victor Ehrlich
Stephen Furst as Dr. Elliott Axelrod
Eric Laneuville as Luther Hawkins
Howie Mandel as Dr. Wayne Fiscus
David Morse as Dr. Jack Morrison
Christina Pickles as Nurse Helen Rosenthal
Denzel Washington as Dr. Philip Chandler

and Starring
William Daniels as Dr. Mark Craig

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  1. Excellent episode! I am trying to find the name of the big band song being played by Father McCabe at the beginning of the show.

    1. When the episode originally aired, I believe it was "Ain't Misbehavin' " by Fats Waller. The version I saw on Hulu seems to have a different, more generic song.

  2. In the 1965 segment, Auschlander calls to "Rawly" on the ladder. This apparently is Rawly Moreland, Al Ruscio's character from previous episodes.

  3. At 29:20, Craig (in 1975) addresses two doctors as Allen and Burns--a reference to Gracie Allen and George Burns.

  4. The dates in this episode—as well as St. Elsewhere, in general—cannot be taken too literally. The reporter is writing a retrospective for St. Eligius’ 50th anniversary; since the hospital was founded in 1935, the 50th anniversary would occur in 1985, yet this and other recent episodes appear to take place in 1986:
    • In “Santa Claus is Dead” (Episode 4.11), the Craigs host a Christmas party and several of the characters attend a Christmas Eve church service, placing this episode on December 23 and 24, 1985.
    • In “Loss of Power” (4.10), during the blackout caused by a snowstorm, Caldwell leaves for Baltimore. He returns in “Family Feud” (4.15), after a month off, suggesting it is now January 1986.
    • Jack celebrates his birthday in “Family Affair” (4.16), which takes place one and two days after “Family Feud,” suggesting that Jack’s birthday is in January.
    • Jack says that he and Clancy were together on his previous birthday. Yet Clancy met Jack in “Hello Goodbye (2.22), which clearly takes place in May. (The residents have just completed their first year of residency, and Stephen Craig returns home for Mother’s Day.)
    • Seasons Three and Four must take place within a single year since the residents are in their second year of residency.
    • “E.R.” (4.24) takes place during the final pass of Halley’s Comet in May 1986.
    Going back even further, we find that “Fade to White” (3.07) takes place on November 23, 1984 (the date of Peter White’s death, according to his autopsy report seen in “Amazing Face,” (3.20)). All such dates can be interpreted as merely topical since the events from White’s death to “Time Heals” could not have taken place in the span of 14 months. Besides, the series has already retconned the date of St. Eligius’ founding from 1932 to 1934 and now 1935.


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